What specialists should buy AutoCAD LT 2017?

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AutoCAD LT 2017 is designed to work with planimetric systems and graphs. So, it can be suitable not only for builders, and architects, but also mathematicians and even chemical engineers. The thing is that the application helps to create chains of several segments, and lines, which allows you to describe your ideas most accurately.What specialists should buy AutoCAD LT 2017?

This application is handy when creating 2D reports for the formation of technical documentation. You can also boost operations when interacting with clients and colleagues. Make timely comments on drawings, store files using a cloud solution, set up shared access to a virtual storage of ideas. Save and use the convenient PDF converter that is embedded into the software.

Pros of using AutoCAD LT 2017

The program shows high efficiency and productivity. At the same time, the system requirements are minimal. It’s good that the application is based on universality principle. You don’t need complicated hardware to install this soft. A desktop computer, laptop, and even smartphones are suitable for downloading and installing it. That’s why you can work not only in the office or at home, but also on the road. This allows you to be more productive.

In the application, you will get only the most necessary functions that help you organize your activities. But if you require advanced tools, choose later versions of AutoCAD.

The system works on both Windows and Mac. In the latter case, compatibility problems may arise. So, the preferred operating system is Windows.

Error correction

The developers have tried to fix the most common malfunctions that occur when working with graphic objects in the AutoCAD LT app. Among the main complaints were:

  • Problems when saving a drawing after making changes to AutoCAD Architecture.
  • Incorrect calculations for graphs on the plane, which are caused by the use of special styles for improved image.
  • Difficulties in transferring settings and saving characteristics/parameters.

Easy migration

Specialists have the option to save all the settings of previous versions of AutoCAD. To do this, it is enough to use the migration utility, and all the properties of the program will be displayed in the report. When transferring certain characteristics from one program to another, specialized categories and sections are formed. That simplifies the use of the UI.

Fast conversion of files to PDF format

If you need to use graphic elements from PDF documents, such as unusual TrueType fonts, geometric objects, backgrounds and pixel images, you no longer need to spend a lot of time converting and copying the necessary parts of the drawing. All attachments are read by the PDF format support built into the AutoCAD program. You can also analyze full-fledged PDF files, as well as convert finished works into a convenient option.

At the same time, the program recognizes other properties of drawings and diagrams, for example, layers, lines, color palettes. All these add-ons are available right on the work surface. They can be saved in the current file, as well as copied from other projects for use in current work.

Interesting solutions include the SHX command, the opportunity to combine several blocks of information using the MTEXT option. You can always turn plain text into multi-line text, which is especially convenient for creating comments and edits.

Affordable price

If your budget is limited, then this is an ideal option. The price of the product is optimal. On our website, ProCADIs.com, you will find the AutoCAD LT perpetual license for sale, which will save you money. Take into account that you purchase the software version once, but use it forever. This is a good investment for the development of creative projects and future research. This approach saves time and nerves when extending the activity of the application. Therefore, if you are confident in the quality of AutoCAD LT, we recommend you purchase the program from us at the best price.

Work at new capacities

In the new version of AutoCAD LT, the developers have improved some functions. You can easily zoom the image, view files in the form of a panorama, scale specific elements for better elaboration. The devs also paid attention to the quality of the visual effects. Thus, combined lines consisting of several parts have become clearer, especially at the points of bends and joints. This was facilitated by the introduction of the GCEN command.


With AutoCAD LT, you get a lot of additional features that will make your work more comfortable and help you bring fresh ideas to projects. By purchasing software on the ProCADIs.com website, you save your budget and buy a tool that will accompany your bright ideas and save time.


Before purchasing a software package, we recommend that you find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions. This way you will save time and understand whether the product is suitable for your purposes. If you have any questions, you can contact our technical support experts with the help of a chatbot.

How does AutoCAD LT differ from other programs in the range?

AutoCAD LT is only applicable for projects on a plane, and you will only be able to process two-dimensional images. Therefore, this program is not suitable for three-dimensional drawings. You can always get acquainted with the products from our catalog and choose a suitable option, having received the advice of our experts.

Are there any Geo restrictions?

You can purchase the product from anywhere in the world. At the same time, there are no local restrictions on downloading and installing the program.

In what format will I receive the program?

We will send a link to your email address, by clicking on which you can install the program on your PC. You can put AutoCAD LT on a disk or USB flash drive. We don’t provide boxed products.

What is the validity period of the license?

You buy the program once and get a perpetual license for the program.

Is the license belonged to a single device?

You can install the program on any device, whatever it is – a personal computer or laptop. However, the license applies to only one device. There are situations when the equipment breaks down. In this case, you need to go back to the link with the distribution and reinstall the software on a new device.

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