What Does ‘DWS’ Mean on Snapchat (Meaning with Examples)

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Today’s generation uses many different words and text slang to look cool in their friend groups but in this rapidly changing world, these text slang and words also keep changing. due to which sometimes you can not understand the meaning of text slang and words your friend send you and you ask them what they have written which looks very foolish and your friends make a joke of you for not understanding the slang so without asking them you can simply follow us or take help of internet.What Does ‘DWS’ Mean on Snapchat (Meaning with Examples)

because in this editorial, we will tell you the meaning of ‘DWS’.

What Does ‘DWS’ Mean on Snapchat

Before understanding what ‘DWS’ means, you need to know what these short forms stand for. And why do we use them? What is their job? And how did these short forms come into the minds of today’s generations?

These short forms like LOL, DWS, AMA, BAE, and FYI are called acronyms and abbreviations which we all have been using for a long time. and everyone in their English classes in schools learned that acronyms and abbreviations are words formed from the first letters of each of the words in a phrase or a name For example:-

  • ISRO:- Indian Space Research Organisation
  • BR:- Bed Rest
  • WYT:- Whatever You Think
  • WHO:- World Health Organisation

As you can see, the examples given above are a good reference for how we have been using acronyms and abbreviations without even realizing it. But on social media platforms, these acronyms and abbreviations are used in a little bit different ways. The examples given above are used in formal conversations and speeches but not on social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and any other platforms that support text messaging. most of the youngsters use acronyms and abbreviations for being sarcastic and looking cool. people made these acronyms to make their long texts look small. these short forms are mostly made by youngsters by making their own text slang and words like;

  • LOL:- Laughing Out Loud
  • AMA:- Ask Me Anything
  • BAE:- Before Anyone Else
  • FYI:- For Your Information

So now that you know what the uses of acronyms and abbreviations are, what is their job? And why do we use them? And how did these short forms come into the minds of today’s generations? let’s move on to:-

What Does ‘DWS’ Mean?

There are many different aspects to the meaning of ‘DWS’ in text messages, which you can only understand from the emotions of a phrase or sentence. if you receive ‘DWS’ on Snapchat, Instagram or any other social media platforms then it has nothing to do with acronyms or abbreviations used in formal conversations or speeches. 

The most common meaning of ‘DWS’ is “Dealing With Shit”, “Dats Wassup”, and “Dripping With Sarcasm”. these three acronyms are most commonly used in text messages on Snapchat and other social media platforms. so let’s briefly talk about these three.

Dealing With Shit

someone will send you this if they want you to know that their life is going hard and they don’t want to deal with it. To understand the meaning of ‘DWS’ sent on Snapchat or text messages you have to understand the emotion in text messages you received for example:-

  • You: Hey! Can we meet today?
  • Them: No man, I’m DWS right now. my exams are coming so I have to study.

as you can see this DWS means saying no that you Can not do the stuff or something because you have work that you don’t want to do But you are forced to do that work.

Dats Wassup

DWS is also a shorter way to comment or text ‘Dats Wassup’ or That’s What’s up on social media platforms. you can send or receive this acronym or abbreviation when you want to tell your friend about your life or current situation and you can also use this when your friend says something cool or exciting in this you also have to understand the emotion of a phrase or sentence, For example:-

  • Your Friend: where are you, my friend? And why are you not answering my calls?
  • You: Don’t ask friend, I have my job shift at work all day today so DWS with me. I don’t have free time until tomorrow.

This means telling your friend how you will spend your day. and now I will show you how to use DWS “Dats wassup” when you agree with something your friend says or you find something cool and exciting about him.

  • Your Friend: You know I have two passes for tonight’s party.
  • You: DWS, I’m so lucky to be your friend.

Dripping With Sarcasm

DWS “Dripping with sarcasm” will be used when your friend says something obvious or silly in text messages and you want to give him a sarcastic reply without sounding rude and using curse words. but giving a sarcastic reply without sounding rude is difficult so you can use DWS at the end of your text message, like this:-

  • your friend: so I guess today we’re not going to play because of this bad weather.
  • you: what do you mean? this weather is best and perfect for playing! DWS.

so these three are the most common meanings of DWS that everyone uses, there are also less common meanings of DWS such as Driving While Sexy, and Do Work Son.

Driving While Sexy

if sometimes you get pulled over because you look attractive and someone wants your number then after that incident you can make your friend jealous by texting the incident with the use of the acronym DWS “Driving While Sexy.”

Do Work Son

DWS can also be used as “Do Work Son.” It is used when we want to motivate someone and encourage them to work hard in their lives so that they can make their dream come true.


So, This Editorial covers all acronyms and abbreviations of DWS. By reading this we hope you understand the meaning of DWS on Snapchat, and how you can use DWS in text Messages. please share this editorial in your friends group as much as you can and if you have any queries and suggestions please Let us know in the comment box below.

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