8 Best Free Email Services – 2019 Updated

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Even with the boom of several social networks, email remains the primary mode of communication for casual or business purposes. So it is essential to choose the best email providers who can provide you hassle-free and best email service in this communication market.8 Best Free Email Services - 2019 Updated

Best Free Email Service Providers

There are many email service providers out there which offer unique features including basic incoming and outgoing emails.  Most of these features include an email categorizer, spa filter, unlimited storage space, ability to send large files, easy access, etc. In this article, we will talk about the best email service providers.

1. Gmail

8 Best Free Email Services - 2019 UpdatedWhenever we talk about free email service provider, Gmail stands on top of our list. Its funny but probably you are using Gmail too! Talking about features, you get 10 Gb of free storage which is enormous. Gmail also has powerful spam protection to keep you safe from phishing emails from hackers. You can access Gmail easily on the web or your mobile device very quickly. It comes with build in features for regular audio and video chat.

Gmail also offers professional solutions by providing you customized email services. It can create a customized email address which looks professional which looks like yourname@yourcompany.com

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 2. Zoho mail

8 Best Free Email Services - 2019 UpdatedZoho mail is mainly targeted for professional use. It has premium features of the inbuilt calendar, a dedicated task manager, notes functionality along with instant chat option. Unlike Gmail, Zoho doesn’t show advertisements to protect your privacy. These features make Zoho one of the best email service providers for professional use.

Zoho comes with a lite plan, which includes 5Gb email storage, push mail service, and email support.

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3. Outlook

8 Best Free Email Services - 2019 UpdatedOutlook by Microsoft is a revamped version of Hotmail. It offers essential email functions without showings advertisements or lurking through your emails. You can easily connect to your social networks from your email account, use SkyDrive with included office related web apps. Which means you can easily edit and view word, excel and powerpoint presentation files.

4. Mail.com

8 Best Free Email Services - 2019 UpdatedMail.com provides best free email service with a configurable email address. Apparently, you have the freedom to choose between 200 domain names including :

  • yourname@consultant.com
  • yourname@journalist.com
  • yourname@engineer.com
  • yourname@lawyer.com
  • yourname@cheerful.com
  • yourname@contractor.com and many…much more.

however, the default domain will be yourname@mail.com

5. Yahoo! mail

8 Best Free Email Services - 2019 UpdatedYahoo! Mail stands among free email providers for their best in class free email services. You can access their services both on the web and mobile platforms. Your incoming message automatically gets sorted into folders according to their priority. Along with that Yahoo! Offers unlimited online storage, free social networking platform, instant messaging and SMS texting.

6. GMX

8 Best Free Email Services - 2019 UpdatedYou might not have heard of them as they are not quite famous. But GMX does an excellent job of sorting spams and virus emails. GMX was one of the first email providers who use SSL encryption to protect you from targeted spams and viruses.

7. Fastmail

8 Best Free Email Services - 2019 UpdatedFastmail is an old competitor with other email providers. They are providing top-notch email services for 1o years now. They have powerful spam filters which automatically categorizes your emails in folders. One free plan includes 25 Mb of email storage space, IMAP connection services along with 120 days of inactivity time.

8. Inbox.com

8 Best Free Email Services - 2019 UpdatedInbox.com provides free 5GB email storage space.  You can easily choose from a different bunch of themes and customize the look of your inbox. You have the option to select the RSS feeds that suits your need. They also offer free online photo sharing solution, calendar app, tasks and notes app as part of inbox.com free membership.


That’s all folks! We hope you came to know about some underrated email providers who are as good as the top ones in the market. So share this article with your friends and let them know about these other email websites.

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