11 Crucial Apps to Install on Your New iPhone

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Getting a new phone is extremely exciting; it almost feels like a new beginning. And the first one people want to do is set it up and explore amazing opportunities. There are many apps for the iPhone that anyone can find extremely helpful, including students. Here are the best ones to install on your new iPhone.

11 Crucial Apps to Install on Your New iPhone
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Any.do is a great and, most importantly, free (there are, however, in-app purchases offered) task manager and list-making app. It has reminders, a slick interface, and all the necessary features to be more productive.

It is hard to imagine life without a task manager. It is especially useful for students that deal with lots of assignments. They have to balance multiple responsibilities, like college, part-time jobs, social life, and other adult responsibilities. It is easy to get overwhelmed and forget about important deadlines.

This is particularly important for college written assignments. When you get a term paper assignment, the deadline feels very far away, and it is easy to postpone. Then you forget about it, and now you need it done in two days without sleep. In such a case, you can get term paper writing help from professional academic writers. It is easy, fast, and offers excellent results. Whether you need editing, proofreading, or all of that, experts are always ready to help. The next time just set reminders to start earlier in Any.do to avoid hustle and stress.


Mint is one of the best budgeting tools available for students. It is free to use and has all the functions one needs to keep track of all accounts. One can track their disbursements and income options. All the information is accessible in one place. You can also create a budget and see how you are sticking to it.

Having a deep insight into one’s spending habits is important to learn wise financial management. Overall, it is a great way to learn how to manage your money.

Nord VPN

VPN services are crucial for keeping your data safe. They protect you when you are browsing from unprotected networks (like public Wi-Fi) and make sure none of the essentials get stolen (like bank account info, for example). Nord VPN offers subscription-based plans, and also they have lots of sales and additional offers.

In any case, it is worth investing a couple of bucks a month to protect your data.

Spectre Camera

If there is something iPhones are known for, it is the quality of images. But you can actually enhance it with the right app, Spectre Camera. It even got an app of the year award by Apple in 2019. It allows taking amazing long exposure pictures.

The software is AI-based to make photographs sharp. And there are also all kinds of cool effects in the app. For example, one may enjoy making traffic or people disappear from the photo.

11 Crucial Apps to Install on Your New iPhone
Source https://unsplash.com/photos/4oWSXdeAS2g


If you have iOS 14, it offers a lot of possibilities in terms of customizing your phone’s interface. With this app, you can truly make your iPhone look unique. There are new widgets, custom icons, and the ability to add text or photos.


When it comes to taking notes and collecting valuable information, Obsidian is a powerful productivity solution for students and professionals alike. It was chosen app of the year in 2021 by MacStories and continues because of its great performance. It is the ultimate note-taking software that connects altogether. There are note libraries, custom plugins, and many other useful features. It is free and integrated with iCloud.


This one is pretty straightforward – it is a password-managing app. It helps to keep everything safe in one place and keep your password game up as well. It automatically fills in forms online or in different applications. For authentication, you only need Face or Touch ID.


Whether you want to get or stay in shape or simply want to live a healthier life, this one is a must-have. MyFitnessPal allows:

  • Keeping track of your weight, diet, and exercise;
  • Set goals and calculate calories;
  • Scanning barcode to add anything to your daily count;
  • Add product from the huge library;
  • Get a premium subscription for historical analysis of eating habits and setting macronutrient goals.

It is incredibly easy to use, and there is a free version.


Tired of ads? Get 1Blocker. It is free to use but has a premium subscription available. In any case, it is a great way to get rid of pop-ups and privacy trackers that make using mobile internet annoying.

Zombies, Run!

This one is not new, but it is amazing. It is a great way to make cardio more enjoyable and less boring. It is a workout app, of course, but you get to run from zombies, which can be much more motivating and enjoyable.

One listens to a zombie apocalypse radio drama to set the context. You need to avoid zombie hordes and find supplies to use for your base. There is a storyline to progress in. There is also a zombie chase option, where you’ll hear zombies approaching, so you need to run faster. And it works on a treadmill as well. Overall, it is a very cool approach to jogging.


Libby allows borrowing ebooks and audiobooks from local libraries. So you get them completely free on your smartphone. It also works great as digital reading software, so you can read your own books as well here.

Honorable Mentions

  • Scanner Pro for scanning and faxing;
  • Overcast for listening to podcasts;
  • Streaks to build healthy habits;
  • Darkroom for editing pictures;
  • Authy for setting a two-factor authentication for any internet account;
  • Qapital for gamified budgeting.

In Summary

Smartphones are tremendous helpers for almost anything one needs to do, whether to navigate the city, keep the budget, or edit pictures. With these amazing solutions, you can power your new iPhone up and make it secure, protected, and extremely productive. Some make workouts for fun; others teach time management and keep track of tasks. In any case, they are very useful. 

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