Why Is Email Marketing Important For Your Business?

Consumers today are constantly in a hurry, and so are brands. The problem with this advanced consumer marketing landscape isn’t the time but its attention. We all know attention is the most significant currency for any person, brand, or marketer.Why Is Email Marketing Important For Your Business?

Emails are one of the ways to grab your consumer’s attention. If you use email marketing tools like senders, Mailchimp, or HubSpot email marketing, you eliminate the key challenges to grab people’s attention.

The multiple hours invested in creating one campaign or sending emails to the list of subscribers who aren’t active—these tools make sure that your efforts don’t go in vain.

Why Is Email Marketing Crucial? 

Simply put, email marketing is a fundamental and powerful way to interact with your audience. Whether you send daily newsletters, sales emails, transactional emails, welcome emails, or follow-up emails, emails are a necessary part of your marketing strategy.

So here are top reasons why you should invest in email marketing:

  • Stay Connected With Audience

Want to provide 24*7 customer service? Or maybe some valuable content to maintain a healthy consumer-brand relationship.

Email marketing is the answer to all your questions. 

It’s no secret that dynamic and compelling content can make or break your stance in the email marketing world. There are few ways you can connect with your audience on a different level.  

Reward your customers with unique offers, offer a time-bound discount, and implement a countdown strategy to make your email marketing strategy more effective. You can spark your audience’s interest by sending them information-rich emails like hacks, DIYs, video courses, and free stuff. 

  • Widen Your Reach

According to Forbes, around 281 billion emails are sent per day, and of which, 42% are opened every day.

To be precise, people still engage and take action because of the emails.

In short, your email subscribers can spread word of mouth for your brand in memorable ways. Remember when you receive good content from your favorite author or brand, and you always share the same on your media handles.

That’s the power of email marketing. It is a way to widen your reach, put your brand in front of more eyeballs and attract more people. 

  • Send Customized Messages

Are you using email only to promote your products and services? Then maybe it’s time to switch gears for a moment here. Your subscribers are real people, not robots; they are humans.

Send more personalized messages and see the drastic change in your open rates. Email marketing is a way to show that your customers are valued and reach them in real-time at the right time.

Here’s how you can do this: 

  • have a monthly best fan or follower badge competition, 
  • include your subscriber’s name or job titles in your email (this will make them feel more important), and 
  • send a monthly invite for a group discussion or on your new product. 

It’s a great way to encourage two-way communication.

  • Increase Brand Awareness

Imagine yourself in your customer’s shoes; if you know what they are looking for, then your brand can leverage the power of brand awareness. 

Your emails should portray your brand’s image. This means your logo conveys your mission, your email design stands out and separates you from other brands. This is simple but darn effective. Your customers remember your brands in a way that they can’t forget.

This directly helps you leverage the ROI of your marketing campaigns, increase brand awareness, and establish a reliable and valuable brand.

  • Measurable Results

Marketers are big fans of data, and why not? They should be. The whole game revolves around numbers and data.

Email marketing is like an open book. It helps you measure your open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, subscribed and unsubscribed rates. There’s a reason why you want to know which headline or CTA or content is working best for your customers and your brand.

You can easily go through all these metrics and check the percentage of how many subscribers clicked on your link. It becomes way easier to segment your email subscribers based on these metrics.  

  • Action-oriented

As per business 2 community, 81% of companies say that email encourages customer acquisition and 80% retention.

The reason? Email marketing is actionable. 

But the best part is you can convert all your best practices into actionable activities. Start by defining your target audience, create content based on that audience. Now that you know how many people genuinely care about your brand, you can segment them based on geographical, demographics, and age brackets.

Now create sign-ups, ebooks, and free valuable and actionable content for the same and shoot an email to all your subscribers. People want good and actionable content in the world of feel-good content.

And the interesting part is email marketing allows you to execute this.

  • Cost-effective

No one can disagree that email marketing is the most affordable technique to produce results and up your sales game. Almost everyone uses emails. Even if you get thousands of emails from your favorite brands, that’s how you stay updated and curious for their next launch.

You can shoot emails, sell products, increase sign-ups for your newsletters and build a community with little to no money.


To conclude, these are a few reasons that make email marketing the king of all marketing channels.

Before starting your Youtube, creating a Tumblr account, or any other social media channel, try email marketing.

And yes, it still works even in 2021. You can also check out the 5 Best Email Marketing Programs of This Year and work your way up in the marketing world.

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