What tasks do blockchain developers solve?

Blockchain development company is responsible for the life cycle of blockchain applications: they create system architecture and intelligent contracts, optimize protocols, and solve many other tasks. Such specialists must understand data structures, algorithms, cryptography, and computer networks. Often they work with a specific type of blockchain, like Ethereum or Bitcoin.What tasks do blockchain developers solve?

Blockchain developers are conventionally divided into two types:

  • blockchain software developer;
  • basic blockchain developer.

Let’s list the basic skills needed by a blockchain developer.

  1. Cryptography

In the field of blockchain, cryptography is applied in the form of protocols that do not allow unauthorized access to data. For example, public key encryption can provide the basis for crypto-based financial transactions.

  1. Smart contracts

Smart contracts enable transactions for goods or services without the need for intermediaries. They are executed only if the parties comply with the terms of the agreement. The effectiveness of smart contracts is primarily due to the decentralized nature of the blockchain.

Smart contracts are used in construction, law, and other sectors of the economy.

  1. Data structures

The blockchain network is made up of data structures, and in the most general sense, a block is also a data structure. It clusters transactions for a public ledger, a blockchain.

Data structures are essential to a blockchain developer because they help understand a block’s underlying functionality.

  1. Blockchain architecture

Architecture is the fundamental concept of the blockchain. The developer should be fluent in three types of it:

  • The private blockchain architecture is suitable for use cases with a limited number of participants and is a popular choice for businesses.
  • The architecture of the consortium is not entirely decentralized. The group members, consisting of several organizations, have full power here.
  • The public blockchain architecture is characterized by a high level of decentralization, which allows participation in the network through transactions or mining. The most famous example of such an architecture is Bitcoin.
  1. Web development

In most cases, a blockchain programmer will develop web applications. He will also need to learn web design and other tools to create quality dApps.

Customers demand that top blockchain companies create applications that even people with minimal blockchain knowledge can easily use.


Blockchain developers often solve complex problems related to applications and blockchains. The need for such specialists in the labor market is constantly growing, but it isn’t easy to acquire the necessary knowledge. There is not a lot of necessary literature, tutorials, and courses in open access; moreover, most of the content is published in English. Practical skills will also be required to solve problems confidently in the field of blockchain, which is almost impossible for a beginner to acquire without participating in real projects.

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