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Nowadays, the number of YouTube channels is growing exponentially, and running a blog brings people a handsome profit. Bloggers care more about the content they will create rather than editing tools when thinking of how to start a YouTube channel. However, your creativity and enthusiasm are not enough for running a blog. It’s needed to have in and out knowledge of cutting-edge software for shooting and editing video content. In this article, we’ll find different software that will help every blogger stand out with stunning videos.

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Top 3 Tools for Video Creating

When sitting at home, people started to develop their hobbies and learn new skills, and YouTube blogging became one of the most popular creative activities. Moreover, it yields profit as bloggers can collect donations. Many find it challenging to start, and we will look at tools for creating YouTube videos. 

Here we will explore screen recorders that are the easiest way to blog with no experience. You can easily record the screen using Discord, but there are more professional and legal tools for that. Recording webinars and posting them on Youtube is allowed after participants’ permission, so be prudent with screen capturing. 

Movavi Screen Recorder

When choosing a decent Windows 10 screen recorder, consider Movavi software provider. It has rich functionalities and unlimited recording and editing features. The free video editor software is good for beginners due to the user-friendly interface, constant updates, and many positive reviews. You can record calls, webinars, streams, online events, tutorials and benefit from basic video editing features. 

OBS Studio

This windows software enables free and seamless video and audio recording. OBS Studio is famous for its audio editing features that allow users to filter and mix compositions. You can benefit from configuration and streamlined settings as well as powerful game optimization. Besides, with modular ‘Dock’ UI, users can rearrange the layout. 


Consider downloading a screen recorder for Mac and Windows that looks simple but has plenty of advanced features. The tool will help inexperienced bloggers to learn how to capture screen, its specific parts, web camera, and audio. It has an upload option for instant sharing the output on different platforms like YouTube.

Top 3 Tools for Video Editing

Every novice and professional blogger should know this great software for video content editing. There are plenty of online video editors or tools you can download on your device, pay for them or choose a free video editor. 

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe is the leading software for social media content editing. If you are a beginner YouTube blogger, choose this tool for a user-friendly interface and many editing features. It has a trial period, but then you will have to pay about $21 per month. Your simple footage can become true artwork with proper editing. 

Apply professional templates or create your own animated graphics and titles. With Adobe, bloggers can create stunning video previews. The YouTube thumbnail maker is a creative solution for attracting a larger audience. It allows users to personalize content and stand out. What’s more important is that you can post the video directly to YouTube.


Lightworks allows bloggers to use all their creativity for editing an appealing YouTube video. Blog and tutorials help novice editors easily acquire necessary skills and become professionals. It is a free video editor providing powerful editing and quality export with no watermark. Mind you have to activate the software every 90 days.

You can perform basic editing: resize video, crop, rotate, trim, add filters, text, use templates, music, special effects, and more. It supports different video formats, edits 8k and 360-degree videos. Many famous bloggers use Lightworks for special features like color correction and media management. 

CyberLink PowerDirector 365

Try CyberLink PowerDirector 365 for free, or buy a full version to play on your imagination and produce striking content. Users save time and effort with a simplified interface and powerful editing features. Edit faster with keyboard shortcut and color correction. Besides, the software removes repetitions for users’ seamless editing process. 

Boost the visual engagement using keyframing and motion tracking. CyberLink PowerDirector 365 has lots of unique transitions, filters, titles, and motion elements that will help bloggers stand out. And a split-screen option allows you to tell a story creatively. You can personalize the creation thanks to color grading and speed control.

Top 3 Tools for Video Promoting 

And now we move to crucial software that can help your blog thrive and gain millions of views. Pay attention to the tools for management and channel optimization listed below and achieve incredible results.


TubeBuddy enhances YouTube community productivity, provides bulk processing, video promotion, and data research. Among productivity tools, you will find advanced video embeds. It has a video topics planner, video scheduler, and lots of other useful solutions for efficient work. Channel valuation, channelytics, and brand alerts are state-of-the-art options for a successful blogger. 

Social Blade

Facilitate the analytics process with Social Blade that tracks user statistics for your channel. It allows users to create unique content based on the audience’s interactions and stand out. Bloggers rank their videos to build a subscriber base more effectively.


VidIQ assists in boosting channel awareness and provides channel & video analytics for free. It has a tag management option and a collection of popular terms. The tools make monetization flawless due to a keyword identifier. Make creative thumbnails that will allow your video to score many views. Besides, you can keep track of your competitors to create decent videos. 

Final Thoughts

Now you can see that it’s essential to have programs for video creation, editing, and promotion. These nine tools will make your YouTube channel a unique place that will attract many viewers. Do not be afraid to experiment and be yourself, and the creative software will assist you on every creation stage.

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