Tips to Choose the Best Transcription Service +Ready Options

Lots of audio and video content can create severe difficulties in many cases. Doing business needs an attentive approach to spending time. Effective studies sometimes require quality transcription services for students as well. And there are many cases when you may simply wish to save your time and process some materials within a couple of minutes or hours instead of dozens of hours or even days.Tips to Choose the Best Transcription Service +Ready Options

Transcription services are the exact things that help, for instance, after handling business negotiations with detecting valuable points said and missed for some reasons. Handling employment or study-related matters also becomes a number of times more effective. If you need to make the procession of lectures, recorded interviews, podcasts, and other materials more effective, transcription services are amazing options for that purpose. Still, choosing such needs special attention and knowing good tips. We will start with these tips first.

How to Make a Good Choice?

If you are interested in the exact criteria to keep in mind for detecting your perfect transcription service among all available, get this list of points to pay attention to:

  • Accuracy – it should be at a good level (from 80%). This is a general level of accuracy that is possible to reach in the case with automated transcription services. For human-provided services, such a rate should be even higher – up to 99%+. It is a possible thing to reach even in the case of different interfering things, like background noises, accents, professional terms, and similar things. It is an always winning combination of advanced technologies and professional transcribers. Of course, troubles may be with low-quality recordings. But, in certain cases, the quality of video recording may be improved, for instance, to reach a higher level of accuracy. 
  • Time of procession – it should not take too long to process recordings. For short recordings, the time of procession can be 5-30 minutes only. For more complicated cases, the time of procession may be 12-24 hours. 
  • Costs – it is a wrong belief that processing recordings in a quality way is a too costly thing. Nowadays, advanced AI technologies are applied to ensure a higher level of service and optimize the costs for it. The reasonable price for an automated transcription service should be around $0.25 per 1 minute of recording and around $1.25 per 1 minute of recording when we are speaking about professional human-made transcriptions. 

Finding a balance between these simple points will help you with identifying a reliable transcription provider. If you are limited in time for finding that at the moment, here is the ready list of options to choose from. 

Best Transcription Services Recommended 

If you are wondering where to find the best transcribers and automated transcription service, there is a list of helpful options you may take for references even now. All these options were preselected using the criteria mentioned above. This list can facilitate searches a lot and save your time. So, what the best-recommended transcription services are?

1. Transcriberry

This is surely one of the best transcription services in the market. Why? This company has extensive experience in working with different types of audio and video materials. Its main benefit is that the company has ensured a good price-time balance. The rates are lower than the average ones and compared with the rest of the good competitors. The time for processing recordings is quite short – between 30 minutes and 12 hours on average. At the same time, Transcriberry manages to ensure a high level of accuracy – up to 99%+. 

When this company may be helpful? It can help a lot with processing various educational and business content, podcasts, interviews, meetings, etc. The company works with the most popular formats, like MP3, MP4, DVD, WAV, AVI, WAV, and many others. 

 The website is secure and easy to navigate. This team is equipped with advanced software and has more than 50,000 professional transcribers. The local team may be especially helpful for transcribing content with professional terms and difficult words. It also has a good support team with experienced problem-solvers. The quality assurance function is also ensured. The service has lots of positive reviews from its previous users. It is one of the best choices to recommend in the first turn. 

2. GoTranscript

This is a powerful option for those who are looking for help with complicated transcription cases. It can be especially helpful in the cases where there are background noises, professional terms, and generally unclear recordings. These may be interviews, lectures, dissertations, webinars, and seminars. 

Thanks to the work of professional human transcribers, the level of accuracy of 99% is reached here. The company has lost positive reviews from its previous users. 

The average turnaround time, in this case, is between 6 hours and a couple of days as professional transcriptionists are involved. The rates for the services vary respectively to the urgency of a request. The lowest rate is $0.20 per 1 minute of recording and the highest is $2.50 per 1 minute of recording. But, the good news is that several discounts are applied in certain cases – 5%, 10%, and 15%.

Limited free features are also available – manual timestamps and an editor. Customer support and quality assurance functions are ensured at a pretty good level. This company guarantees confidentiality and security also thanks to security measures and non-disclosure features. 

3. Scribie

Another good option for quick and comparatively effective transcription services. This platform ensures accurate transcripts at affordable charges. There are lots of free features available here – an editor, speaker tracking, and audio time coding. The company has been proven to be an effective one for transcribing different types of content – interviews, conferences calls, lectures, podcasts, etc. 

This platform provides combined types of services – both automated and human-made. Speaking about the time of operation, it usually takes up to 30 minutes to process recordings using an option of automated transcription service and around 24 hours to process the recordings with the help of professional human transcribers

The level of accuracy this service delivers is strongly determined by the quality of initial recordings. It should be noted that possible difficulties may appear while working with recordings with various distortions, professional terms, and ambient noises. The final quality of recordings is somewhere around 60-95%.

The prices for the services are lower than the market level. Automated transcripts may cost around $0.10 per 1 minute of recording. The charges for human transcript service start from $0.80 per 1 minute. The service is a cheap one and is good for quality and clear recordings. This is a confidential service where encryption is applied along with effective non-disclosure provisions. It is recommended for quick and effective references.

4. Temi

This is an automated transcription service that works using advanced AI. This is a platform that is good for quick and effective references. Users can quickly transcribe video to text and audio to text easily. A few minutes sometimes are required only to complete transcription tasks. The same advanced AI ensures not only timely procession but also a high level of accuracy – 90-95%+. Still, the matter of accuracy strongly depends on the quality of initial recordings. The service has proven to be effective for processing audio and video materials with background noises, foreign accents, and cross-talks. 

The price is more than attractive here – around $0.25 per 1 minute of recording only. But, it also should be noted that the service provides a free trial where any recording up to 45 minutes may be processed for free. No extra fees are charged. A user pays only for the actually processed recordings. 

The service provides extra features also, such as free edits, adding timestamps, and API integrations. Even if this service is online-based, it ensured a high level of confidentiality and support. Quality assurance is also at a high level. 

5. Rev

Rev is the last service recommended for making good transcriptions. It works with more than 60,000 freelancers worldwide and applies advanced technologies also for automated transcription. The service is generally a good one but a bit expensive. Let’s find out more details about that.

If we speak about the level of accuracy, this company ensures a 99% level of accuracy for human-made transcription services and around 80% of accuracy for automated transcription services (provided that the recordings are generally clear). The prices for these services are the following – $0.25 per 1 minute is charged for automated transcription services and $1.50 per 1 minute is charged for professionally-made transcription services. It may take from 30 minutes to 12 hours to process the recordings. 

This service has an advanced editor. It supports Google Drive and Dropbox integrations. Confidentially and non-disclosure points are ensured also. 

Final Words

Making any content transcribed may facilitate a life a lot. If you emphasize moderate rates, a high level of accuracy, and reasonable timing while ordering these services, your chances of making the right choice are higher, if you are limited in time for making long-lasting searches for Internet transcription services that can help you, the list provided here is a suitable one for quick references. Save it and enjoy the benefits of quality transcription services.

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