Things Students Should Consider Before Installing Applications on Their Smartphones

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Phone applications are what make up a smartphone. With them, we have something to do with our phones. Despite their importance, it is also essential to note that only some applications should make it to your phone. Before installing an app on your phone, you should do a background check and determine if you need it. 

Additionally, most apps vary depending on their software development company. It means that before installing an application, you need to find the best version of it first. And it will only be possible if you pay attention to the various features and reviews left by users. So let’s review a checklist of things you should do and consider before installing an app on your smartphone. 

Read Reviews 

Things Students Should Consider Before Installing Applications on Their SmartphonesBefore downloading any application, it is best to find out how it operates and what it is all about. You’ll get this information by reading reviews left by its users. You will notice a “reviews” section by downloading applications from the apple store, play store, or any other application store on your phone. The section contains positive and negative reviews left by users. These reviews will give you insight into the application’s effectiveness. 

You can sit it out if the application has several negative reviews. It’s the same approach used when hiring writers. If you have been asking yourself, “Who will do my assignment for me?” you have to do your due diligence by checking the reviews of any writer left by their previous clients before writing them. These reviews will shed some light on whether they are up to the task and can deliver what you want from your task.   

But you can’t just give an app a pass because it had two or three negative reviews. You should decide based on why you want the application. The best part is that if the application does not meet your expectations, you can uninstall it. After reading the reviews, you can contact the developers on their website for further clarification if you still need more insights about it. However, in most cases, it is better to find a better version of the application done by a different developer.

Review the Permissions 

In an era of many cybersecurity cases, it is essential to be careful about everything you install on your phone since it can be used to steal your details and hack your accounts. Therefore, you should not brush through the permissions; read them carefully and accept only those you feel will not leave you vulnerable. If you feel that some permission is too intrusive, you can disallow them. 

For example, some applications may request access to your contacts, messages, or location. It is up to you to decipher which permissions are likely to intrude on your privacy and which ones are okay. If an application asks for too much permission, you should be cautious. Data mining is a common way hackers fish for important data, and such permissions can be used for data mining. You can opt for another download if there are so many unnecessary permissions. 


Just like reviews, ratings often don’t lie. An application with low ratings means that most people who downloaded it are displeased by it; thus, you need to think before downloading it. Usually, for an application to be rated lowly, it means it didn’t meet the users’ expectations. Thus, when downloading it, you should also lower your expectations. Apps with a 4-star or 5-star rating may meet your expectations since such high ratings mean the users are impressed. It is best to avoid applications with 2-star ratings and, to some point, even 3-star rated ones. 

Consider the Application Size 

Most smartphones being released currently have large internal storage space; thus, an application’s size may not affect your phone storage. However, if you still have a smartphone with limited device storage, it will be best to check the size of the app. A large application will occupy more space and affect your phone’s performance. So, if an app you want to install is large, you can search for a similar version from a different developer with a lower storage size. 

Watch Out for Advertisements 

Things Students Should Consider Before Installing Applications on Their Smartphones

Developers of an application earn their income from running advertisements on their app. While you may be okay with a few ads on the app, too much of it can be a nuisance. Some applications cannot allow you to move past the registration stage due to the many ads you must wait for them to play. Some apps require users to make certain subscriptions to avoid seeing these adverts playing. If you truly need the application, you can pay. For example, Spotify or YouTube users can pay for the ad-free version. If an application has intrusive adverts, you can uninstall it and find a version with little to no ads. 

Application Name 

App stores are full of imposter apps that mimic original applications. For example, you can find an application with a similar logo to that of WhatsApp; but with a slightly different name, such as “WhatApp.” If you are not careful, you may download this version thinking it’s the real WhatsApp. The applications mimicking others indicate in their description that they can do what the original apps do. So you should be keen enough not to download the fake versions. Registering your details on imitation applications may put you at risk. Before downloading an application, review the developers’ details and check if they have an official website to avoid getting duped. 


There are millions of applications available in various app stores. There is an app for everything, including fitness, recipes, beauty, and language learning. But due to the massive infiltration of applications on the app stores, you should be more cautious when installing one on your phone. 

Developers upload their applications on app stores daily; some are legitimate, while others are not. Before any installation, consider the factors mentioned above to ensure you download a secure and effective app. If you install an application that does not match your expectations, you can uninstall it. But to avoid the back and forth of installation and deleting, it is best to conduct a background check first.

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