The 7 Most Infamous Twitch Streamers

Streaming is a prime source of modern entertainment for many. From gaming to arts and crafts to mukbangs to streaming personalities, there’s plenty on Twitch for anyone to enjoy. But with Twitch streamers putting themselves on the line for entertainment, there are endless instances of controversies being stirred up—be them intentional or not.


Let’s take a look at 7 of the most infamous twitch streamers in recent memory.

1. xQc

Félix Lengyel made a name for himself both as a pro Overwatch player and an entertaining streamer—even topping the list of most-viewed streamers back in 2020. But for those unfamiliar with his style, his controversies come out front and centre—with him screaming into his mic and pounding his keyboard on virtually every stream, regardless of what he’s playing.

But his controversies go beyond his raging antics. Back in his Overwatch League days, he targeted an opponent, Muma (Austin Wilmot) with a homophobic slur which Blizzard saw was rightfully punished. Such insensitive speech can easily be found splattered throughout xQc’s streams, earning him a spot as a pretty controversial streamer.

2. Amouranth

Kaitlyn Siragusa has amassed over 5.2 million followers at this point in her streaming career, mainly for sitting on the very boundary of what Twitch actually allows to show on their platform. This is due to her lewd, raunchy content which plays with what the platform allows.

While this can easily be shrugged off, she has had a bunch of other controversies which have upset fans. Such as hiding the fact that she is married—a reveal that shattered the dreams of her fan base. A factor that’s perhaps indicative of her audience.

3. GrossGore

Banned from Twitch a long time ago now, GrossGore may be long forgotten to many. But those who were aware of the controversy will remember the name.

Ali “Grossgore” Larsen streamed a mixture of League of Legends and RuneScape before being charged for sexual harassment at a RuneScape convention, which saw him removed from the platform. While he has repeatedly pledged to reform, allegations of misogyny and other misconduct continue to emerge.

4. Mitch Jones

Perhaps the most controversial streamer in Twitch history, Mitch gained a following by stirring up drama with other streamers. A shrewd move which bolstered his Twitch account, while simultaneously labelling him as one of the most controversial around.

While he originally played World of Warcraft with other streamers, his relationships with them quickly frayed due to the drama. While he still cases some drama on the platform, most people know of his antics by now.

5. Ninja

At one point he was the face of Twitch, skyrocketing to stardom by playing Halo, PUBG and, most importantly Fortnite—a game which he is known as one of the world’s top players.

With hundreds of thousands tuning into his streams daily, Ninja gained influence that was far too quickly for his ethics—it seemed. With controversies spurring about him using the N-word on stream alongside his sexist vow to never stream with female gamers. That is certainly not an image we want associated with the streaming giant.

6. Sodapoppin

If you’re a World of Warcraft player, you’ll know Sodapoppin. While he gained a strong following for his play and persona, his trash-talking often got out of hand seeing him banned for a variety of “crude humour” which led to multiple accusations of hate speech.

One lasting example of this which has haunted his streaming profile was a lashing out at female Twitch streamers who wouldn’t reveal themselves on camera.

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7. GreekgodX

Dimitri Raymondo Antonatos, better known as Greekgodx, gained notoriety as a “leech” who would sap off other people’s streams to gain followers. In the case of Greekgodx, this was done through stream sniping players, most notably League of Legends streamer “tyler1”. While This may make Greekgodx controversial to other streamers, he is mainly a very entertaining streamer without so many accusations against his name. His key controversies simply come from his shady tactics used to gain an audience.

Putting yourself on the line in a stream is stressful. And such exposure leaves no side of your personality hidden, allowing unacceptable beliefs and behaviours to be viewed by the masses. Fortunately, most Twitch streamers feel the consequences of such actions through their viewership.

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