Skills that can land you a tech job

Information Technology (IT) accounts for over 29 percent of the market share in the United States, according to 2021 industrial reports. For a long time, the IT business has been expanding its value, and rightfully so. As the business expands, so do the number of job opportunities available. Because of the high levels of development and long-term professions available in the Information Technology (IT) business, it has become a popular choice for job seekers.Skills that can land you a tech job

While most people believe that they aren’t made out for this fast-paced sector, they are just afraid. To get a career in this dream industry, you will need to develop a variety of hard and soft talents. The convenience comes from the fact that you can study most of these abilities online from anywhere in the world. It’s a digital world and with having an internet connection, we can learn anything. I learned multiple skills myself online using Udemy, and you can too. You can quickly study anything in the world if you have a reliable internet connection. Even if you want to do a tech-related job, you need to have an internet connection because, without it, you will not be able to learn and grow.

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This article shares the most important hard and soft skills required to get a job in the IT sector.

Hard Skills

The hard skills discussed in this section are the ones that you would have read about in most IT job notices. To flaunt these skills, you might want to get certifications, training, or experience.

Social Media Management

You need to understand how social media websites work. This skill enables you to help businesses with their search engine optimization, content strategies, and web analytics.

Technical Writing

This is one of the most endorsed skills in the IT industry. It is the ability to communicate complicated ideas and instructions in a simpler manner. Many IT jobs require this skill so that intricate systems and processes can be explained easily to manufacturers, clients, and other third parties.


The ability to write code is a basic and common skill that is asked for in a tech job. IT jobs, mostly require employees to perform web development and programming tasks for which it is beneficial that employees know coding in different languages like Python, Ruby, Java, and C++. 

Hardware Deployment

This skill includes packing, unpacking, and setting mechanical gear. The ability to disconnect and assemble complex tech gear is a great skill to have for an IT professional.

Network Configuration

If you are someone who knows a lot about networks, you can land a network administrator position. You would have to set up networks and administer them. Basic knowledge of wireless routers, IP setup, coding, and cloud services are also a plus.

Database Management

Storing and managing data is one of the basic requirements of an IT job. You might need to enter data or use a database, and so it is pertinent that you know the basics of database management.

Operating System Knowledge

 Knowing how operating systems work and can be fixed is a great hard skill for an IT enthusiast. 

Soft Skills

While the IT industry is a hardcore professional field requiring solid hard skills, the following soft skills are also important. 


Just like every other field, communication is integral in the IT industry as well. Both, verbal and nonverbal communication skills are important and it is pertinent that you listen intently, process, and understand feedback clearly.


This soft skill leads you to revolutionary solutions and ideas. Some processes would need you to come up with innovative finds and so it helps if you are creative.

Analytical Capability

It allows you to recognize and anticipate problems even before experiencing them. This will also help you in analyzing key information.


Being organized is a great help to oneself. A workspace that is organized makes you more productive and efficient. Especially in IT jobs, the organization helps significantly since multitasking is a key component.


Persistently working through tasks is a major work ethic requirement. Some tasks would come up as more difficult than others would and so as an IT professional, you need to be tenacious and eager.

Project Management

Most IT professionals are required to work on multiple projects at the same time and so you would have to manage a lot of different responsibilities simultaneously. As such, creating a plan and managing projects is a great way forward. 


You might not be always able to work on tasks yourself and using your resources accurately comes in handy in such times. Helping others and taking assistance from others increases productivity.

Problem Solving

One of the main tasks of an IT person is to solve problems, most of which are unpredictable. You will likely have to solve a number of technical issues on a daily basis, on top of the projects you might be working on.

Summing it up

Changing or establishing a new job may be a daunting endeavor. However, learning the necessary skills can be a good place to start. To get the desired job, you need to ensure that you have all the right skills and qualities required for it.

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