Simple Tips to Order the Best Business Logo Online

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We’ve all heard an old adage ‘Well, you get what you pay for.’ But when it comes to ordering a cheap logo online, have we finally found a loophole to this saying when it comes to our brand design? Certainly, there are circumstances that might make this true. However, in this post, we’ll be walking you through the top things you need to know before ordering a logo for your business online. What’s more, we’ll let you in on some secrets about the value you might be missing when going on your online route for a cheap logo.Simple Tips to Order the Best Business Logo Online

When ordering a logo online, you might be missing out on something huge? What exactly? Let’s find out right now. 


There is definitely limited communication that you would get in ordering your logo online versus working with a consultant face to face. This is definitely something you should know upfront, because at the end of the day, this might make the entire process quite frustrating for both you and your designer. What’s more, this may end up costing you more time and money in the long run for requesting more updates to the concepts or even switching designers. Some of the sites that offer design services to businesses have taken a lack of communication into consideration. They’ve incorporated a creative brief that you can submit to designers that can help you put together great clothing logos, food delivery logoы, cleaning service logoы, or any other logo your particular business might need. However, if you’re not familiar with creating or filling out a creative brief, chances are you’ll find this task daunting. 

Something else to keep in mind when it comes to communicating with designers is that a lot of these online sites are using designers from all around the world, which is not bad in itself. That being said, you might experience considerable difficulties discussing your brand logo design

Brand Coach 

Simple Tips to Order the Best Business Logo Online

The second thing you should know about is your missing out on a huge value of hiring a brand coach. Working with a creative consultant helps you to lay the foundation for your brand from defining your brand personality, outlining your goals, finding your perfect audience, as well as translating this all into a visual presence for your brand. With consulting, they strive to learn about your business’ specific needs and make professional recommendations.

Brand Applications 

When buying a logo online, you actually don’t get the styled guidelines, as well as recommendations on how to apply this logo and make it fit with your established or budding brand personality.  So sites are now seeing this as a huge void in their offering and start using the brand-style recommendations as an a la carte option. This is important at a very minimum to ensure you’re getting a brand package that normally includes the style guide, as well as all of the necessary variations of the logo you’re going to need in the future. Some options may include your primary logo, solid logo, light logo, and solid reverse logo. 

Unknown Origin

Another thing you want to be aware of when ordering a logo online is what we referred to as unknown origin. This means that you risk purchasing services from a poorly qualified person or unprofessional company. You don’t know the designer’s process, you don’t know how they set up their files, you don’t even know if the idea they are trying to pitch to you is original and unique, which is critical for your business success. And one more thing! Beware of single-file deliveries. What we mean by that is that you should be careful and steer clear of cooperating with companies that offer logo delivery that comes in one file format. That might be a jpg, png, or pdf. Anything that is uneditable on your end. At a very minimum, you should expect to get vector-based versions of the file, also known as illustrations files. This will allow you to use your newly created logo in any application or size moving forward.     

 When it comes to your brand, your passion, business, or online reputation, you shouldn’t skimp on professional design services. But if you’re endowed not only with business acumen, but also creative vision, you can try and design a perfect logo for your company on your own. 

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