Rainbow Six Siege: 10 Pro Tips For Expert Play

When you go ahead with Rainbow Six Siege, remember that this is the most tactical shooting game you will ever encounter. Thus, blind shooting or reckless playing will never get you any rewards. Rainbow Six Siege: 10 Pro Tips For Expert Play

Your gameplay should involve a lot of waiting and patient to grab the best shot, as this game offers third and first-person perspectives to players based on their style. This blog will highlight some basic and advanced tips so that you can transition from a green-hand to a prepared Siege soldier. 

  • Don’t be sorry to seek help.

The community of Rainbow Six Siege understands learning the game is not easy. Thus, if you allow your team to know that you are a beginner, they are bound to respond tenderly. Step back from running recklessly into a massacre zone and handicapping your team. 

At any given point, if you do not understand, ask! This step will help you make new friends, and who knows, you may learn the game better? 

  • Run “Advanced”

Make the correct settings because that is the quickest method to improve your gameplay. In the settings tab, set the deployment to “Advanced” gadget. You can do that by gripping down the gadget deployment or reinforcement to accomplish the action. As a result, you stop your task by freeing the button when the enemy attacks. 

Those few seconds feel like an eternity when the opponent gets an added advantage. Hence, get accustomed to working the “advanced” deployment. For players playing on the console, minimize your control stick dead zones. Hike the sensitivity of your game controls by increasing both vertical and horizontal sensitivity. We recommend not going overboard; simply start slow. 

  • Create a local custom game 

The most significant part of claiming success in a first-person shooter game is knowledge of the map. Rainbow Six Siege is no special case in that regard. If you try a map in live mode when the gameplay is competitive, you can die.

Thus, create a local, personalized game to perceive the map. This also allows your fellow teammates to inspect the map and try offbeat strategies without other players bothering you.

  • Sprint to save seconds 

There is nothing more upsetting than getting face-to-face with an armed enemy who points his locked and loaded gun while you are reloading your rifle. But, the best news is that you can omit gun reloading to save your life in that instant. 

Most rainbow six siege hacks and cheats involve sprinting to abandon the reload, especially when you are mid-way. This act is quicker than finishing the reload and switching to another secondary weapon. Also, this strategy makes a world of difference between losing and winning a firefight. 

  • Lean, you must!

Leaning is significant in the Rainbow Six Siege game. It permits you to explore the corners while a minor part of your head stays exposed. This strategy makes it ten times complex for enemies to take a shot at you.

Indeed, PC gamers have an added advantage where they can tilt without aiming. But, if you are fond of your face, learning to bend is the best thing you can do, irrespective of your platform.

  • Siege sounds work differently. 

Sound works differently in The Rainbow Six Siege game in comparison to other first-person shooter games. Keep in mind that your survival depends on the environmental sounds.

In Siege, you can hear how near your enemy is just by the footsteps’ sound. You can also identify the flooring type and whether they are prone, crouching, or running. Remember this tip when across the map both as a defender and an attacker. That is because if you can hear them, they can listen to you too.

  • Peek beneath the barricades 

Before you breach a door, look under the barricade just to see if enemies are hiding. Hi-rank players do not set up constant breaching charges as it exposes our feet beneath the fence. Take a glance at regular camping spots and pre-fire just to have an added edge over the camper.

  • Warm-up before you are blown up 

Before you start with the multiplayer mode, practice in the PVE game mode called Terrorist Hunt. You can warm up by practicing headshots on moving and stationary targets. And, you can also earn a lot of Renown through the weekly and daily challenges.

  • Don’t let the enemies gape into your spawn location

How would you feel if you get killed right at the beginning of a round? All because an enemy gazed into your spawn location? Of course, terrible! Thus, to encounter the situation put up a drone at common spawn locations during the prep phase. You can also shoot a couple of bullets into barricaded windows and doors at the outset of the round. 

  • Speed play 

This trick is used by the pro players even when they run through Terrorist Hunt is speed play. The scheme works well for beginners, especially those working towards snap-aiming at targets and lineup headshots. 


Select a trustworthy team when playing Siege because hi-rank matches cannot work without synergized teams. I hope our tips help you play faultlessly and defeat the enemies; until then, keep us posted on any other propositions you may have!

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