How to Play Android Games on PC

We all know that Android games are getting more and more popular nowadays. With the release of monument valley and clash of clans, people are now looking forward to playing android games on pc. However, these games were designed for the mobile platform and won’t work on your pc as other traditional pc games titles do. The other reason for people switching to a different platform is the battery issue. You can hardly play for 2 hours, and your smartphone will drain all its battery out while I pc or desktop, that’s not the case. So you probably would be wondering how to play android games on PC? Well, the simple answer is to install an emulator and play your favorite game titles inside it.How to Play Android Games on PC

How to Play Android Games on PC via Emulator

Android emulators can emulate an android environment inside your pc so you can play games on a bigger screen with more hardware power.

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  1. First of all, there are two versions of Genymotion, one which includes virtual box package and one which doesn’t. If you already have virtual box installed then download Genybox installer accordingly.
  2. After downloading Genymotion setup, open its setup.
  3. Enter your login details for Genymotion. If you don’t have the details, then you can sign up.How to Play Android Games on PC
  4. Choose yes when the installer asks to add a new virtual device.How to Play Android Games on PC
  5. Select the Android device size you want to emulate.How to Play Android Games on PC
  6. Now select the device and click next and let the installer do its work.How to Play Android Games on PC
  7. Click Finish when the process is complete.
  8. Run Genymotion and install g-apps package.How to Play Android Games on PC
  9. After installing the g-apps package, you can download your favorite apps and play mobile games on your pc.

Features of Genymotion:-

  1. You can create, launch and configure your virtual devices directly from your build.gradle file.
  2. It displays your app on your PC pixel for pixel so that there’s no need to worry about scaling your work from emulator to your device.
  3. It allows you to create, launch and configure your virtual devices directly from your build.gradle file.

Note: if you don’t want to install the g-apps package then you can simply install the apk file of the game.

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Nox App Player

Nox player is also a good solution to how to play android games on pc. Furthermore, Nox got some extra features such as built-in screen recording, a couple of hardware button and so on.

  1. Download Nox Player setup from here.
  2. Run the installer file and follow onscreen instructions.How to Play Android Games on PC
  3. Open Nox App Player when the installation is complete.
  4. Install your favorite games by drag and drop their apk files.How to Play Android Games on PC

In contrary to Genymotion, Nox player is easy to use android emulator where you can play android games on pc without any technical hassle. Nox Player got hardware buttons along with a sidebar to stimulate volume rocker keys. It also got keyboard mapping controls. Furthermore, it comes with built-in play store so you can install your favorite games without any hassle.

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Words from Author

All these emulators are great if you want to play android games on pc. However, these software crashes time to time because of different CPU and GPU combinations. Because of this, you will not be able to install some apps as they will show – not compatible with your device model at the moment when you will be installing. Some games even might go black screen in the middle of the gameplay. In short, these emulators work great and get the job but don’t expect too much from them.

We hope you have understood the process of how to play android games on pc. Let us know if you have other alternative methods to do so.

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