Meet the Top Online Courses for Students 2019/20

Due to the quick advancement of Internet technologies, you can learn practically everything online. Students can benefit from using plenty of online educational resources, both paid and free. There is no need to spend days on end in the library when you are studying for an exam or working on your essay because you can get access to plenty of scholarly resources from the comfort of your home. And if you have no time to complete your project on your own or just struggle with it, you can even find someone and ask, “essay writing service.” There are a lot of reliable agencies like where you can get professional assistance.

Meet the Top Online Courses for Students 2019/20
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But the best thing about the Internet is that everyone can get access to high-quality online education from the best universities and academic institutions from all around the world no matter where you live. These online courses are free or low-priced, so anyone can advance their education and achieve professional or personal goals. The opportunities for online education are endless, and you don’t even have to leave your home to take advantage of any of them. Here are some of the best online options for upgrading your skills or even getting a degree. You can also write my paper for me.


It’s the best option for anyone who wants to get a college education without spending a lot of money on tuition fees. This online platform cooperates with more than 140 top universities, museums, and trusts from all around the world. Their online courses cover dozens of various subjects such as data science, business, computer science, and others; students can get official certificates from the associated university if they follow a certain pathway. Now you can choose from more than 2 000 of free and paid courses and use a mobile app to study on the go and at your own pace.


This platform also brings together courses from different universities, including UC Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, the University of Queensland, the University of Chicago, and many more. You can find more than 2 000 free interactive courses in different subjects, including law, computer science, artificial intelligence, science engineering, history, business, public health that cover a wide range of topics. Many courses are self-paced. Students can get an official certificate for a small fee. There are also paid series of courses in the Professional Certification Program and MicroMasters Program.

Stanford Online

This online platform from Stanford University offers free and fee-based classes (which are unfortunately not cheap) taught by experienced instructors. They also offer professional and graduate certificates, and you can even get a graduate degree. Courses typically include recorded lectures, videos, handouts, problem sets and other assignments, assessments, and other resources.

This is actually a subscription-based video tutorial library so it can be a great option for you if you are a visual learner. You can get the platform membership just for $25 per month and get unlimited access to their engaging, top-quality courses taught by industry experts. They offer a tutorial in 5 languages. You can learn business, design, photography, web development, and software development. Students can pursue a specific learning path in digital marketing, graphic design, project management, front-end web development. There are mobile apps for iOS and Android so you can learn on the move.


It’s a great option for those who want to learn coding skills because these courses are available for free. They are based on the gamification approach and motivate their learners to keep a fast pace. There are tutorials with easy-to-follow instruction that can help you learn to code in Python and SQL. You can also learn front-end technologies: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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