Native android app development and it’s meaning today

It is hard to even imagine someone without a smartphone today. This is because gadgets have revolutionized the way we live. They took almost every sphere, and this tendency is only growing and developing every day. Not talking about basic functions, smartphones also help businesses solve the most challenging issues globally, gain more customers, boost loyalty, and increase revenue.Native android app development and it's meaning today
A COVID-19 is what made the demand for app development increase dramatically. According to the latest Statista report, almost 35 spheres lost customers within quarantine and developed applications to save the situation. However, every company that turns to the mobile world has to choose between iOS and Android app development. And if it seems logical, the core problem is that it is not always clear how effective the choice would be and whether the app, developed on a particular platform, will satisfy business needs and benefit the target audience. 

The demand for native android app development

Everyone knows that Android is a successful open-source mobile operating system that allows companies to deploy the app on it with a huge user base worldwide. Even though people are now crazy about the Apple brand, the Android mobile operating system (OS) is the most famous smartphone operating system currently in use, with 1.6bn users worldwide and a share of 72.84% by the end of 2020. 
Android-based applications are an ultimate choice for companies that want to achieve personal and corporate goals while also addressing the services they provide to a wider target audience. This is because Android apps meet customer goals and increase business value much better than iOS platforms do today. Native android app development is gaining popularity, and this is why companies should consider this platform:
Low Investment and High ROI
The Android market has a low barrier to entry compared to Apple. It also provides its Software Development Kit (SDK) to the tech team, which, in turn, eases the process and minimizes the development costs, which can be divided into three parts:
  • Application development;
  • Testing;
  • Hardware testing and deploying the app.
Open Source
When choosing Android as a development platform, the developer community can significantly benefit from licensing, royalty-free, and the best technology framework freely provided by the Android brand. Since Android SDK’s architecture is open-source, you can use the community for the upcoming expansions during android mobile application development. This is why this platform became highly attractive and valuable for handset manufacturers & wireless operators while also contributing to faster development of Android-based phones and broader opportunities for developers to earn more. 
Easy to Integrate
The Android platform is already ready for customization. So it won’t be a tricky task to integrate and tweak the mobile application according to your business needs. Most of the specially designed platforms offer background processes that can significantly help you integrate the apps.
Various Sales Channels
In contrast to an Apple Store, Android applications can be easily deployed in different channels, so you won’t need to rely on a single market to distribute your services. It allows you to use various third-party application markets (especially in Google Android Market) and provides you with an opportunity to form your own distribution and sales channel./ These are apps for vertical markets, develop new stores, or place them on your website. Such a wide choice of promotional strategy helps to reach more end-users and gain their loyalty.
Hassle-free Adoption
Since Android apps are written in Java language that comes with a rich set of additional libraries, any developer with Java skills can develop an app for the Android platform. According to reported Java developers, it is hassle-free and easy to adopt and script code for OS mobile applications.

Final thoughts

Compared to iOS, Android app development has advantages and downsides, but Android apps and devices are booming and will dominate the world in a few years. Modern Android services provide gradual deployment, diverse markets, and flexible rules for app’s approval while also offering SEO benefits. Even though the problems with Android apps will also grow, there are many solutions to resolve them, and more are coming. And if you want to jump into the flourishing Android ecosystem, Interexy is the way to go with experienced programmers and reasonable prices for any kind of development.  
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