Making Sure You’re Privacy Is Protected By the Best

Proxies have become a crucial tool for private users and businesses. Gone are the days when using a proxy was only associated with suspicious online activities. Proxies have become a necessity for businesses and regular private users of the internet. 

Making Sure You’re Privacy Is Protected By the BestBusinesses that want to remain relevant and successful have had to adapt to online market research methods, and employing rotating proxies have become essential to harvest data to build an effective market or advertising campaign. Private users have realized the need to use a rotating proxy to protect their online privacy. 

To save you time and help you find the best proxy providers, the best rotating proxy, and the best residential proxies. 

Best Proxy Providers

We’ve only considered paid proxies as they’re the safest and most reliable ones to use. We don’t recommend using free proxies as they could open you up to other risks. 

When considering these providers we looked at each one’s success rate, proxy pool size, quality, and other factors to bring you this list where we’ve compared the top two in each section to bring you six great contenders to consider. 

  • Smartproxy – Best Value Overall

Smartproxy offers over 40 million residential proxies and more than 63% of unique IPs were returned in two million requests. With access to 195 locations the company gives customers 24/7/365 customer support. They offer premium services at affordable prices.

  • Oxylabs – Best Premium Provider

Oxylabs offers a great deal of services with a dedicated account manager and 24/7/365 customer support. However, it may be on the expensive side for personal users. You get 100 million static and peer-to-peer whitelisted IPs, HTTPS and HTTP protocols, and rotating sticky sessions up to every 30 minutes.

Best Rotating Proxies

We’ve used five criteria to measure which provider supplies the best rotating proxy for ISP scraping: the proxy type, the number of IP addresses, the rotation settings, the targeting options, and the concurrent connections. Based on these criteria, the top nine service providers were listed. We’ve reviewed the top two.

  • Bright Data

Bright Data is one of the market leaders when it comes to high quality proxies. They provide residential, datacenter, ISP and even mobile proxies. However, what makes them stand out as one of the best providers when it comes to rotating proxies is that they offer both residential and datacenter rotating proxies. Their rotation settings are also highly customizable.

  • NetNut

NetNut is the ideal provider if you’re looking for reliable, high quality proxies to pair with your web scraper. Their rotating proxy options are especially useful when scaling your web scraping efforts. Their rotating proxies automatically change the IP with each new request, making managing proxies much more convenient and an automated process.

Best Residential Proxies

During testing, over two million connection requests were completed using each provider’s residential proxy over three weeks. Each was then evaluated on factors such as price, performance, and customer support. We’ve reviewed the top two.

  • SOAX

SOAX, like Smartproxy, lies somewhere between affordable and premium providers. Although SOAX lacks some of the features that Smartproxy has, it still boasts an impressive network of residential proxies that make it worthy to be on this list. They provide a proxy pool of five million monthly IPs, and a lot of flexibility when it comes to location targeting.

  • GeoSurf

GeoSurf is considered a premium proxy provider, and although their proxy pool isn’t as large as some of the providers on this list, there are still more than enough to get the job done. What really sets GeoSurf apart is their focus on quality. All the IPs included in their pool are handpicked to ensure they’re of the highest quality. 

Conclusion: Smartproxy is your Best Choice

When it comes to all three tested areas, it is clear that Smartproxy will be your best choice. The proxy provider offers 195 regions with city and country targeting. The service furthermore has 40 million residential rotating IPs, which enables the service to rotate proxies every one, 10, and 30 minutes, making it very difficult for tracking software to keep tabs on you. 

Smartproxy is an all-inclusive service that successfully achieves all the requirements of a successful rotating proxy provider, which includes: the capabilities to rotate proxies automatically to provide users with new IP addresses to avoid IP blockers, provides access to a back connect gateway server that connects you automatically to the IP pool, rotations take place within 30 minutes, and proxies rotate either to a residential, datacenter or to a mobile IP address.

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