How to Get iMessage on PC Without Jailbreak | 2023

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Most of the people are using iPhone and Windows PC combination, and because iMessage integrates so well with iPhone and a MAC, people want the same to be implemented in windows as well. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward way to use iMessage on PC but here are some loophole methods which will allow you to run iMessage on PC without jailbreak.iMessage on PC Without Jailbreak

Back in the day when social messaging was only limited to mobile devices, using them in our desktop PCs was a dream. And recently its possible y using emulators and other standalone programs. Now you can efficiently use WhatsApp or hike for windows.

However, when it comes to using iMessage on a PC without jailbreak in 2023, the process is a little bit complicated but not impossible! Let’s get started with the tutorial.

How to Get iMessage on PC Without Jailbreak in 2023

This method requires you to have a mac; we have another process at the end of this article where mac is not needed. However, if you have a mac and you want to run iMessage on a PC without jailbreak machine which is your second machine I guess. Then you can follow the below steps:

  1. Install and set up iMessage on your mac (obviously).set up iMessage on your mac
  2. Download Chrome browser (if already not installed) and Chrome Remote Desktop app in your windows PC and MAC.
    Chrome Remote Desktop
    Chrome Remote Desktop
    Developer: Unknown
    Price: Free
  3. Now click on Add App.Add App
  4. Launch the App.How to Get iMessage on PC Without Jailbreak | 2023
  5. On your Mac machine Download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer.
  6. Now Double click on the .dmg file, and that double click on the package.
  7. After that, it will ask your MAC Password, enter the password and click on Install Software.enter the password and click on Install Software
  8. Click on continue.Click on continue
  9. Then click on on install
  10. Once the installation process is finished, click on on close
  11. Open Remote Desktop Host Installer on your MAC, and click on get started.Remote Desktop Host Installer
  12. And click on on Share
  13. It will show a number.How to Get iMessage on PC Without Jailbreak | 2023
  14. Now you have to open your chrome in your Windows PC and open apps then launch Chrome Remote Desktop App.
  15. Click on Access.
  16. Connect your Google account if it will ask.Connect your Google account
  17. Allow all permission.Allow all permission
  18. Now click on Continue.
    click on Continue
  19. Enter the number which is showing in your MAC (In 13th step).Enter the number which is showing in your MAC
  20. That’s it, in your mac click on Share button.
  21. After setting up both of your machines on the remote desktop, you will be able to access iMessage PC. You will able be able to access files, applications, etc.How to Get iMessage on PC Without Jailbreak | 2023

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How to Install iMessage on PC Without MAC using iPadian 2

So now you’re wondering what if I don’t have a mac? Can I still run iMessage on PC Without Mac? Well, the answer is YES. Follow this small guide below to run iMessage on PC in 2023 via an emulator. This emulator will create a virtual ios environment on your PC so that you can take advantage of iMessage services.

1, Download iPadian 2 emulator on your Windows machine.

2. Open iPadian 2 setup and follow on-screen instructions to install the emulator environment.

3. Run iPadian emulator and accept terms of condition.

4. Search for the iMessage application and download it.

5. After downloading, login to the app with your account.

How To Use iMessage on PC Without Emulators in 2023

You can use iMessage on Windows PC without any kind of emulators, but the problem is –  you have to install Mac OSonn your windows machine. If you have all the drivers ready, then install Mac OS on your machine and you will be able to login to the iMessage app via a menu of Mac OS.

Note: We highly do not recommend this method as it will be hard to install Mac OS and fine all the divers adequate to it. We recommend you to buy a MacBook instead.

Few Thoughts from the Author

I wish it were easy to use iMessage on PC Without Jailbreak in 2023, as it is easy to use WhatsApp on windows. However, if you really want to use iMessage for PC Without MAC, then you can try the above methods. Share this article with your friends and have a wonderful day.

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