How to write a winning essay about yourself

The essay is the most popular student assignment. There are many types of writing tasks.  Writing essays helps students develop their imagination. They also learn how to express their thoughts clearly and concisely. For students who like to talk about their day in detail, this assignment is easy. But there are also those for whom it is easier to calculate several chemistry exercises than to write a paper. How to write a winning essay about yourself

Nowadays, there are many helpers for schoolchildren. You can get help with math assignments, physics tasks, and, of course, any kind of essay writing. Professional writers get many requests to edit my paper from students. This is a good way to get a quality essay written when you can’t edit your paper on your own at all.

One type of school writing assignment is the essay about yourself. It is usually given in high school, because at the age of 16-17 students think quite consciously and can already state their thoughts on this topic. What should be in a personal essay, what structure to adhere to and what questions to answer?

The main idea of the essay

The personal essay is a popular form of creative work. When preparing for the paper, the student should think well about what exactly he should write about and stick to a specific structure. The topic itself is outlined very abstractly, and in this case it is an advantage. Most often, though, students ask for specific instructions so that it is immediately clear what to write about. But the main idea here is for the author to tell what he wants and thinks he needs to tell about himself. This can be his work, hobby, life purpose, attitude to other people. The main thing is to raise and reveal an exciting topic. 

Elements of reasoning in the essay

Writing a text in the form of a separate story is not necessary. Although this is the main task for the schoolboy and corresponds to the specifics of the essay, but here it is necessary to dilute it with contrapositions and reasoning, it is very important. Here is an example: “I dream of graduating from high school and going to university N. Why there? It’s not the most prestigious in our city. But for me the rating doesn’t play the main role. What’s important to me is the atmosphere at the university and the level of teaching. In addition, studying there, where there is not too much work, I will have more free time that I can devote to other activities. I will be able to work, develop, take time for myself, and improve myself. This small fragment clearly indicates the presence of elements of reasoning. There is a statement first, and then the author argues his or her own thoughts and considerations. If you have this kind of verbal art and know how to insert such fragments correctly, you can fill the whole essay with them – the most important thing is that it should be appropriate.

Structure and style

A student who has written an essay on the topic “About Myself” not for the first time knows how to do it correctly. Any such work is standardized and consists of three parts:


 The main part;


Nothing complicated, you just have to stick to this generally accepted structure. But if when writing an essay on a specific topic (friendship, sports, love) it is easy to start with a simple thought, in the case of a story about yourself, it is more difficult to do so. It is always very convenient to begin with a question. You can begin, for example, like this:

 “Who am I? At first glance, nothing outstanding – an ordinary girl, short, dark-haired, with brown eyes. But I, like every person, have my own peculiarities. I want to tell about them … “.  

When analyzing your own self, it is important to look at yourself and your life from the outside, as if through the eyes of another person. One should be honest and self-critical.

Essay goals and objectives Always try to write an intriguing text, it should be interesting from beginning to end. Write not just an essay, but a kind of confession, where you talk frankly about yourself, about what you think, feel, about your plans for the future, or interesting facts from the past. You can make the essay fun, exciting, intriguing, philosophical. The reader should have a bright and clear idea of the author and a desire to learn more about him or her as a person. If you need it, you can find the best assignment writing service to get help from the experts at all times.

Of course, it is not necessary to advertise and make yourself look only in the best light. After all, this is not the point of the essay. Its main purpose is to show the person as he sees himself, who he really is. So the most important thing when writing such a work is honesty. An essay is like a poem, where in a small piece of writing there is a deep meaning. As the proverb says: brevity is the sister of talent.  

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