How to Play Valorant like a Pro – Tips and Tricks Guide

Valorant is a comparatively new release for the gaming community and an exciting one. Valorant requires some unique tips and tricks to make your position till the end of the game, which is why you need a guide like this. How to Play Valorant like a Pro – Tips and Tricks Guide

In the game, there are two teams. Once the game starts, the players fight, battle, and the last standing team wins the round. There will be a repetition of such rounds, and players need to play furiously to win each round.

While skill and talent are the most important thing to play Valorant, some undetected valorant hacks can take you a long way. For now, let’s focus on top tips and tricks to play Valorant like a pro.

Don’t shoot and move at the same time

Even though you are playing a shooting game, it does not mean you need to keep shooting all the time. Refrain from shooting, especially when you are on the move. Doing so will affect your aim, and there are chances of you getting injured by the enemies. 

It’s also not advisable to keep standing at one point and shooting. You need to walk, stop, shoot and repeat. The point is to find a perfect among all three. You can also release the pressure off your controller and enable the movement penalty in settings. 

Find your ideal crosshair 

You will get an integrated crosshair customizer in Valorant. This feature gives you the complete liberty to customize every little detail of your crosshair no matter how you want it. 

You can choose a detailed or a stable crosshair which either fluctuates or stays stable while you are moving. Ensure that you spend enough time customizing your crosshair as it will help you in the game. 

Try different agents 

In the beginning, you’ll get five agents to experiment with. These five agents are- Jett, Sova, Brimstone, Phoenix, and Sage. Each of them possesses unique strengths and abilities so make sure you try each one of them to know whose style suits you the best. 

As you gradually progress in Valorant, you can unlock more agents and experiment with them as well. For instance, if you like playing aggressively, Jett would be a perfect agent for you. 

Teamwork makes the dreamwork 

You can’t win Valorant if your team does not perform well together. To form a good team, constant communication and planning are necessary. You need to discuss attacks, pass on important information and make each other aware of enemy attacks. 

Some of the things you can do as a team are fake attacks, learn how to bait opponents, and make sure the team follows suit. A well-coordinated team is what you need to win Valorant. 


Aiming is the biggest aspect of Valorant, and it is comparable to counter-strike. The focus here is more on tapping and headshot than just spraying. In valorant, most of the weapons directly aim for the head, but spraying is also an option in certain situations. 

You have to focus on refining the crosshair replacement and get used to swinging wide and close to peek opponents. Once you figure out the crosshair placement technique, you will start getting more targets down. 

Money management

Money plays a crucial role in Valorant. Your team needs to maintain a certain level of money to get better weapons. For example- if your team has less than 3500, you will play the game with low-value weapons. 

In Valorant, 12000 is the highest credit one player can have. If you see any teammate getting nearer to that point, you can buy some high-value equipment for the team. Another interesting thing about this game is you can sell what you buy for its complete value. 

Walking is wiser than running 

The agents in Valorant start running as a part of their default system. You can change this default state by pressing the shift key down and bring your agent to a walking state. To ensure your survival, walking is a lot safer than running. Running creates a lot of noise, and you lack the stability of your aim. 


Hopefully, the tips mentioned above have helped you learn how to play Valorant like a pro. Make sure to give these tips a try and see how they work for you. For more related posts, visit this watch this space regularly!

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