How to monitor your child’s smartphone

Have you ever felt like your teenager is cheating on you behind your back? Or they are coming home late at night, chatting on Instagram and Snapchat worry you? Do your children always keep hiding their smartphones in your presence? Most of us can find it relatable, if you do so then you’ve landed at the right place.How to monitor your child's smartphone

 If you are looking for a good phone monitoring app, then in this article guide you will find the best monitoring app for smartphones. Keeping an eye on your loved ones wouldn’t be sufficient as you can not be with them everywhere. Therefore, the best way to keep them safe from bad pursuers is to monitor them with the best spy app you are going to find in this article guide. 

KidsGaurd Pro

Your search for the best monitoring app ends up here, consider the KidsGaurd pro app. KidsGaurd Pro is designed as an ultimate smartphone monitoring application to keep an eye on your loved ones. You get many ways from KidsGaurd Pro to track the smartphone from tracking calls, messages, browsing history, social media, and even GPS location in real-time. It is as easy to use as ever, You just need 5 minutes to set it up and you are done.

How to start monitoring using KidsGaurd Pro.

To get access, first, you will need to install the KidsGaurd Pro app on the target device. Do not worry the app will remain hidden itself so that the owner of the device will be unaware of it. After that, you can get access to the device on any other system or smartphone you would like to. You will just have to sign in with your username and password and you’re done.

How about if I say this is going to take just 5 minutes? Wondering how you could do this. Well, stick to this guide. I’ll show you how.

Step 1 Download and Install KidsGaurd Application from ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro official website.How to monitor your child's smartphone

Step 2 Accept the agreement and log in with your account ID and Password.

Step 3 Then Enter the required details, your child’s name, age, etc.

Step 4 Allow all the permissions and disable google play protect, get back to app and Tap

Already Set & Yes.

Step 5 Now, after then allow all the necessary things and go to your dashboard.How to monitor your child's smartphone

The app will automatically hide after installation is done, you can navigate to the dashboard and start monitoring.

KidsGaurd Pro Features

1 KidsGaurd pro is very easy & quick to install and Its monitoring tool allows you to see the current status or location of the target device and update it in real-time on your dashboard.

2 It lets you see the installed apps of the target device. This is a very good feature that helps you keep your children away from unwanted & inappropriate apps.

3 It doesn’t require any special root access on the target device phone, which can be too risky and technical. So, you do not need to worry about that major.

4 You can easily see everything including texts, and messages on your dashboard of the target device, you can even monitor whom the target device is texting.

5 KidsGaurd Pro allows you to track all the activity of social handles including Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Instagram, Snapchat as well you can get access to the browser search history of the target device.

6 It introduces a geofencing feature, which lets you mark the safe location for the target device so that whenever the device goes out of that safe location you get an instant notification.


Well though, KidsGaurd Pro supports all operating systems of a wide range, it works flawlessly on both Android and iOS operating systems. The app does not require any additional root access or jailbreak on the devices.

Even though it will work great if the target device is already rooted or jailbreak. KidsGaurd supports a variety of Android Smartphones that can run Android 4.0 or above. Whereas iOS supports iOS 9 or above.


Finally, the place you need to track your spouse, nephew, or even your children’s phone. The dashboard is your command centre where you can access everything you need. KidsGaurd Pro dashboard offers many things.

On the left side, you can access the main menu to navigate and use the specific function you need. You can see the analytics of the target device on the right side of the dashboard.

It has different categories like, Messages, call logs, photos, Browser history, Contacts, Keylogger, App Activities, etc. It summarizes the data at one glance and displays the output very cleanly and effectively. Which makes it easy to understand so that you can track the target device easily. And can determine the overall status of the device efficiently.

Well though, KidsGaurd Pro comes with a paid model, and they are not having a trial version right now.


Keeping an eye on your children for their well-being and concern was never that easy. But KidsGaurd Pro makes it easier and cleaner. It offers beneficial features which let you monitor your children’s smartphone and it is very easy to operate. You can track the record of the target devices with the simple easy steps mentioned above. And can find all the necessary guides through this article. Enjoy the seamless monitoring of both platforms Android & iOS.

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