How to Grow Your Businesses Using TikTok Analytics?

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We all know how popular TikTok is becoming in the area of social media marketing. TikTok, the fastly growing social media platform that shares short-form videos, has 1+  billion monthly users. Marketers promoting services of brands consider TikTok an excellent tool for marketing. It’s an exceptional marketing tool because of its considerable audience base.How to Grow Your Businesses Using TikTok Analytics?

Most big brands like Nike, Gucci, and the like are also on TikTok. The mere presence of these brands reflects the usefulness of this platform. Many Marketers have found Trollishly beneficial in building a strong brand presence and boosting engagement on TikTok. In addition to that,using TikTok analytics regularly  has also helped them spice up their marketing game. As analytics provide valuable insights into the efficacy of their social media marketing strategy.

Now that we know how valuable Tiktok is for brands, let’s learn how brands use analytics to grow their business.

What Is TikTok Analytics?

TikTok analytics gives an internal view of your account and also enables you to monitor the performance of the content that you post. Analytics reveals the total views, likes, comments, and shares your videos have received.  It also helps you understand your followers and their activities better. Data on how well your audience engages with your content is crucial to frame or revise your social media marketing strategy.

Benefits of Using TikTok Analytics

TikTok analytics helps you improve your social media strategy and optimize your content’s performance. The other significant reasons why your brand needs to consider analytics tools are as follows:

1) The analytics tool helps you analyze and know the current trends to attract your audience.

2) It reveals the type of content that your audience prefers the most.

3) It shows how many people are interested in your videos and watch them.

4) It also helps you identify the trending hashtags and background music.

5) It keeps you informed about when your audience is most active on the platform. So you can post content based on when they are most active.

The Four Major Areas of TikTok Analytics

TikTok analytics consists of four major areas, they are as follows:

1) The Overview Area:

The overview area displays your account’s overall performance in the last 30 days, the last week, and the previous two months. The overview section’s data provides valuable insights into how well your audience has engaged with your content. You can see the number of views, comments, likes, and shares your posts have received. Additionally, it allows you to keep a tab on your follower count and the number of videos you have posted within a specified date range.

2) The Content Area

The content area displays the performance of your videos in the last week. It helps you identify which videos you have posted have gained maximum popularity. In addition, this area reveals the views, likes, comments, and shares each video post has received. The best part is you can also see the watch time of each video, the number of fully-watched videos, and the traffic source.

3) The Followers Area

This area captures audience-specific information. It lets you know the location of your audience, gender, and when your audience is likely to be active on the platform. The follower’s section also helps you track the growth of your followers from a particular period. The preference of your audience can also be understood using this area. You can also know about the trending TikTok audio your audience listens to and the videos they watch

4) The Live Area

This area reveals insights into the engagement metrics related to your Live sessions over the last 7 to 28 days. For example, it shows how many people have viewed your live session, the time spent watching it, and your follower count. You can also see the number of Live Gifts you have received. Data related to TikTok Live will be available to users who go Live on TikTok.

4 Beneficial Ways Businesses Can Use TikTok Analytics to Foster Their Growth

The information that TikTok analytics offers helps your business skyrocket to the next level. Here are four beneficial ways you can use analytics to help facilitate the growth of your business:

  1. Helps You Target the Right Audience:

To increase your sales, marketing your products and services to the right audience is very important. Considering you are a cosmetic brand that focuses on making cosmetic products for women, you can go to the overview area to see how many people follow your TikTok account. The follower area lets you see how many male and female followers you have. And, the content tab informs you about the location of your users. 

Using this data, you can tailor the products and improve your social media plan accordingly. For example, consider expanding your services to men if you have more male followers. Likewise, if most of your audience is from a particular region, consider opening a new branch.

  1. Enables Brands to Create Engaging Content

TikTok analytics reveals the best-performing videos of yours in the last seven days. You can understand what has worked well with your audience using this knowledge. It could be the CTA, the attractive caption you have provided, or the incorporation of humor that might have driven engagement. Knowing what has worked with your audience will help you replicate more of these patterns to retain them. Marketers also buy tiktok likes to attract the attention of new audiences and get them to watch their videos. 

TikTok analytics also allows you to see other creators’ videos your audience watches. You can also stitch the videos of other creators that your audience prefers along with yours.

  1. Find Trending Songs and Hashtags

TikTok analytics helps you identify the background songs most TikTok creators use in their videos. You can use the search bar to find a specific genre of music. The results will display a list of songs. It will also show the number of videos that have used these songs. Based on the popularity of a particular piece of music, you can use them in your videos to capture your audience’s interest and attention.You can also check using TikTok analytics if your current hashtags help drive traffic. You can do this by visiting the content area of TikTok analytics. 

If you want to use trending hashtags, check their popularity by typing them in the search bar. The results will show how many videos have used the searched hashtag. It will also indicate the views that a particular hashtag has received. Brands also take the inputs of Trollishly to incorporate the latest TikTok trends and practices to give their marketing efforts a punch. Following the trends strikes a chord with your audience and also helps your TikTok content go viral.

  1. Post Content When Your Audience Is Active

Analytics help you track the activity of your audience. Check the data in the follower’s area to know when your audience is most active on the app. Based on your audience’s activity, you can alter your posting schedules. Post content when they are very engaged on the platform. Avoid publishing content when they are least active, i.e., during the holiday period.

Summing It Up

TikTok analytics helps you understand the performance of your marketing strategies on TikTok. Depending on the data that analytics reveal, you can use your strong points to the fullest and work on areas that need improvement. Employing all the techniques we have shared will help you grow your business massively and increase brand popularity on TikTok.

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