How To Get New Clients With Facebook Ads

Facebook has been one of the main sources of communication and news for years, however, it has been evolving in a different role as well – the marketplace. The chances to grow the business idea on Facebook are promising, as the audience reach is quite impressive. With a properly planned approach and advertising campaign, there is the chance to raise the Facebook presence, develop the brand and get profit.  

As a user of Facebook, you must have seen various ads being constantly sent to you in-between different posts. Some of them catch your eye and there you are checking someone’s business page with different offers and goods. However, there are some ads that can only make you wonder why on Earth it was sent to you and you annoyingly skip them. 

Next time you see the ad addressed for to, check it professionally:

  • when you follow the ad link, ask yourself what you liked about it, and analyze its design and layout, style, and color palette. 
  • when you want to ban the advertisement, follow the same routine – analyze what is not fitting about it, what feeling it has aroused, and why you reacted so negatively. 

Only after working through different ad campaigns and forming your vision of its work, you can move forward to offer your goods and services through the Facebook platform.

So, what makes an influential Facebook advertisement?

Target Group

If you create an advertisement for an adolescent and try to use the same for adults, it will definitely be a failure, as the perception, understanding, and vision of the world are totally different. The target group must be carefully selected taking into account various factors: location, hobbies, interests, behavioral patterns, and online activities. The more precise you are, the more chances for the advertisement to work. How To Get New Clients With Facebook Ads

When just starting the business it’s important to be very careful with the audience, as just advertising your bookstore to anyone who hates reading will just lower your rating. The oversize clothes will make a person who wants to lose weight angry and annoyed. The list is endless. 

If you have several target groups, then there will be several types of ads. One size doesn’t fit all, and the ads don’t make an exception.

Analysis and insights

The efficiency of the Facebook ad is also dependent on the competitors. Business owners must keep control over their ads and check what the competitors offer, as it’s important to be different and emphasize one’s uniqueness. With VistaCreate you can learn how to find and analyze the ads of others. 

While creating the ads it’s worth checking their influence with the focus group first, listening carefully to all the comments, remarks, and suggestions, and, if reasonable, putting them to good use. 


Advertising without visuals – money wasted. You can’t expect people to read the texts and all the information mentioned. Children love pictures when reading a book, adults want pictures when seeing posts or ads. 

It’s essential to hire a good photographer and have the best shots ever. They will be used for all upcoming advertising campaigns. The quality is attractive and catchy. Sometimes our eyes notice the quality and layout first, and only after it the goods that are advertised. 

The image must be good-looking on any device, especially the phone, as it’s prevailing among others.

Another important thing is a layout – the way you present the information, how it’s placed, the fonts, colors, and registers. If you experience problems with the creativity part, it’s better to use available online services as they offer various patterns for Facebook ads, helping you create the most suitable and catchy ones. 


“Check this out”, “Just look at it”, “Buy and enjoy”, etc. Such slogans appeal to people as they sound direct, encouraging people to check the ad, click the button, and proceed to the shop. This technique is just about the way our psychology works. When we hear someone calling our name, we’ll definitely react. Same here, when seeing the direct call for action, we instinctively follow further. How To Get New Clients With Facebook Ads


Be simple, as people are tired of complexity. Flowery words, too many language fillers, and empty words – the right way to be ignored. The message must be clear, as people have no intention to unsolve the mystery of your ad. Short and catchy title, only essential information in the body of the message. 

Social presence

Users typically ignore the advertisement for the first time. However, when you actively respond to comments and likes, it will be considered a good sign, and the next time the ad will be checked, instead of skipped. Besides, communication with the customers-to-be is decisive, it shows the customers that you value their thoughts. 

Facebook creates a good foundation for business growth and development. It gives access to numerous audiences who can become your potential clients. In order to gain followers and turn them into clients, it’s crucial to be consistent with marketing steps. It’s obvious that everyone wants to reach success within the target group as soon as possible, however, the business bears no rush. You need to work hard on the brand promotion, and take the wait-and-see position – not too pushy, but wise, persistent, and patient. Emphasize the uniqueness of the brand with the most elaborate techniques, and the client will not keep you waiting. 

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