How much does it cost to create your application?

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The question of price is of interest to many. And it is right. Each of us is trying to find the best offer, which also applies to application development. This is a piece of information that entrepreneurs need to know in detail to include in a business plan. But the truth is that there is no 100% concrete answer.

The price of the application will be marked by various variables. In today’s post, we’re going to talk about indicative market prices depending on the type of app you want to build. But be careful, because its development is not the only thing you need to consider when preparing a budget for a mobile app. You will need to take into account other areas that will make your application work and affect cost.How much does it cost to create your application?

How much does the application cost: factors affecting the price

If you are going to create an application for your business, the first thing you want to know is the approximate amount to allocate a budget. Much depends on the custom web application development company.

Type of application

Currently, the market for native app development professionals is limited. This is the main reason why a project of this magnitude usually involves a high cost of services.

It can be partially reduced if instead of creating your application, you decide to create a hybrid application. And even more radical if you choose PWA. This decision, along with the features you want to add to the app, will have a significant impact on the answer to the “how much does the app cost” question.

The price is greatly influenced by the type of company that develops your application. Each company or specialist will have its rates, and to choose the one that offers you the best value for money, we recommend that you request at least 3 estimates for your future project. So you can compare and choose the most convenient option.

Be careful, the best option does not have to be the cheapest. You need to find an offer that gives you the best service at an affordable price.

Developer’s country of residence

We all know that the cost of labor is not the same in all countries. They are related to the economic level of each country. Thus, a person living in the United States does not charge the same fee as another person living in India. The quality of work may be the same, but due to their politics, culture, and lifestyle, prices vary greatly. It’s not about devaluing work. Each professional sets his prices.

But taking a developer from another country is not very safe. It is better to do this if there is a proven service provider that you trust. Otherwise, it can be quite risky.

How much does a mobile app cost?

In this section, we will look at more specific numbers. However, keep in mind the price varies depending on certain aspects. The amounts depend on the design and development of each type of app, as well as the functionality, the systems it connects to (backend), and the UX/UI layer.

PWA or Progressive Web Apps

These are websites, although at the UI / UX level they are likened to an application. They work through the browser. In this case, if you do it yourself or someone from your team, the price can be around 350 euros. And if you order from a third-party specialist or company, then the cost can start from 2500 euros.

It makes sense that the service a PWA team can offer you is different from what you or someone you trust can provide. Hence the price difference.

Hybrid Applications

In this case, we are talking about applications that mainly use the network programming language along with a part of the specific native code for each operating system (Android, iOS).

How much does a mobile application of this type cost? You can find prices from 4000 euros. Here it will be more difficult for you to create it without the knowledge of the app builder.

Native apps

We come to the most complex, complete, and therefore the most expensive type of development.

Native applications are applications developed in a specific programming language for each operating system.

That is, if you want to create an application that works on both Android and iOS, you will have to create two applications, one for each operating system. And that increases the budget. The approximate minimum that this development for Android and iPhone can cost you is €15,000.

But as mentioned earlier, web app development cost estimation depends on the chosen company. If you contact proven and reliable specialists, then you can get a quality product at an affordable cost.

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