15 Best GIMP Plugins Which You Must Have in 2022

GIMP is one of the best online image editing services but without GIMP plugins, you can’t be able to use its advanced features. These plugins are usually written in Python and you can install all of them within a few seconds.GIMP Plugins

But, before you start downloading them, make sure that you have downloaded the Python support for GIMP on your device. So, without wasting any more time, let’s start exploring the best GIMP plugins and GIMP add-ons which you can use for free.

Where are GIMP Plugins found?

The GIMP plugins  view is a bit messed up. Previously, the plugins used to be stored in Gimp registry but now it does not exist.

GIMP Plugins found on your computer:


User-private plugins are stored under $HOME/Library/Application Support/GIMP/2.8/plug-ins/.

System-wide script-fu scripts are stored in /Applications/GIMP.app/Contents/Resources/share/gimp/2.0/scripts/.

Executable and python plugins are located in /Applications/GIMP.app/Contents/Resources/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/


Go to the folder GIMP is installed in Program Files.

Once in the GIMP main folder navigate to lib\gimp\*version*\ where as *version* represents the version of Gimp. Then double click the “plug-ins” folder.


Look for a hidden folder:

$HOME/.gimp-*.* (where you should replace $HOMEwith path to your home catalogue and gimp-*.* with the version you use.

How to Install GIMP Plugins

There are two methods of Install GIMP Plugins:

Automatic Method

Some GIMP plugins provide their own installer. These unpackaged plugins are available for Windows, not for Mac and Linux. We just have to double click on it and install it as any other application.

At the time of installation, Keep in mind that your antivirus software is running correctly and up-to-date.

Manual Method

If your plugin is present in a ZIP file then you require to copy the contents to GIMP’s plugins and scripts folders. You’ll first need to unpack this file. It would be better to save the unzipped file on the desktop. These files will either be “SCM” or “PY”. You can find out by looking at the “File Type” or extension of the file that which type of file. Next, follow below given steps.

  1. Firstly, unzip the Download.
  2. Next, you need to go to Preferences > Folders.
  3. If your files are PY type, click on the Plugins” and if your files are SCM then click on the “Scripts”.
  4. Then, you’ll see two folder. Tap on the one that begins with “ User”.
  5. Then click on Show file location in the file at the top right corner of the dialogues.
  6. Next, move your unzip file into script folder.
  7. Now, restart the GIMP.

Best and Free GIMP Plugins to Use in 2022


15 Best GIMP Plugins Which You Must Have in 2022Do you have multiple images to edit, but don’t have enough time to do so? If yes, then BIMP is a remedy for you. It allows you to upload multiple images to GIMP which you can either edit once or one by one using the simple and effective features of GIMP plugins.

You can crop, resize, rotate, rename and fix the images using BIMP. Aside from that, it also allows you to add watermarks to your images. Another interesting feature is that you can view your images in the sidebar before saving them.

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2. Beautify

15 Best GIMP Plugins Which You Must Have in 2022Beautify is another amazing GIMP plugin in 2022 which gives you the ability to add several effects to your images. With the help of Beautify, you can turn the GIMP software into a photo-retouching studio. It has a quite simple and clean interface which makes it even easier to use.

The best part is that you can convert your images completely using this software. You can add amazing filters to your images and make them look better than they look before adding filters. It has a big list of effects and filters which you can add to your images.

3. Layer Via Copy/Cut

15 Best GIMP Plugins Which You Must Have in 2022Layer Via Copy/Cut is one of the best GIMP plugins which adds some features of Photoshop to your GIMP. It allows you to cut and edit some specific parts of an image. Aside from that, you can also create new layers using this GIMP plugin.

Aside from that, you can add different filters to different layers which helps you to edit some parts of a particular image. Once you have installed this plugin, you can start accessing it from the Layers menu located at the top-left corner.

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4. LensFun

15 Best GIMP Plugins Which You Must Have in 2022LensFun is another amazing GIMP plugins windows which give you the ability to fix the lens distortion of your images. It detects and reads the Exif data of your image and then it allows you to rebuild the lens distortion of your images.

The interface is quite simple, clean and easy to use that even a casual user can use it without facing any problems. Once you have installed this plugin, then you can start accessing it from the Filters option located at the top corner.

5. Refocus

15 Best GIMP Plugins Which You Must Have in 2022Have you clicked on an amazing image, but it seems to be blurry? If yes, then Refocus can be a remedy for this problem. With the help of Refocus, you can fix all the errors and blurs which have occurred while taking a particular image.

The best part is that it has a preview option which allows you to take a look at the images before actually saving the changes.

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6. Hugin

15 Best GIMP Plugins Which You Must Have in 2022Hugin is one of the best and free GIMP plugins which you can use to tie multiple images together. This tool works quite simpler than the tools available in the market. All you have to do is just load up your images, specify some points and leave the rest on the app.

The best thing about this tool is that it automatically arranges the mismatching angles and exposures. You can download and use it either on your Windows, Mac, and Linux.

7. Liquid Rescale

15 Best GIMP Plugins Which You Must Have in 2022Liquid Rescale is another great plugin that can be used to resize images. It also allows you to remove or cut parts from any image. The best thing about this plugin is its preview window which you can use to tweak the parameters while seeing the changes in real time.

If you have images which you need to resize, then you must use this tool to do so. Once you have this, you can find the Liquid Rescale in the Layers menu.

8. Resynthesizer

15 Best GIMP Plugins Which You Must Have in 2022Resynthesizer is a perfect GIMP plugin which every GIMP user must have on its device. The Resynthesizer helps us to remove objects from images and is based around working with textures.

This GIMP plugin is equivalent to Photoshop’s Content-aware fill tool. If you’re familiar with that tool, then it will be easier for you to use this GIMP plugin.

9. Contrast Fix

15 Best GIMP Plugins Which You Must Have in 2022If you have any images for which you are willing to change the contrast, then this is a must have tool for you. Contrast Fix is a perfect solution in case you want to adjust the contrast of the images stored in your device.

This tool works quite simpler than the other similar tools. All you have to do is just select, upload your images and use the contrast bar to adjust the contrast.

10. Watermark

15 Best GIMP Plugins Which You Must Have in 2022Content theft has become one of the most common issues faced by content creators. Due to this, it becomes an important task to protect our content before someone steals it and publishes it on his website.

If you want to protect your online content, then you can use to tool in order to add watermarks to your images. This tool will always protect the images that you share online.

11. Darktable

DarktableDarktable is a open source software which is use to file management and photo editing for free. It is one of the best GIMP plugin software for developing and enhancing RAW files. It edits your image with colour correction and makes it completely changes. It works freely as a standalone program but it’s fully compatible with GIMP. It supports Windows, MAC OS and other operating systems. It has advanced tools and complete interface which makes it more easier for new users.

12. Wavelet Decompose

Wavelet DecomposeWavelet Decompose is another GIMP plugin which is used for retouching skin. This creates layers with different levels using the frequency separation. Mostly real skins have spots, pores, pigmentation, wrinkles and more. These also show in images which reduce the quality of images. With the help of Wavelet Decompose, we can reduce these as per requirement and make the images smoother and adorable. Create the frequency separation layer according to your image needs.

13. Elsamuko’s Filters

Elsamuko’s FiltersElsamuko’s Filters is one of best GIMP plugin which is also used to edit the images. There are lots of filter available for it. Filters give adorable and more professional look of your photos. You will require these filters if you are a normal and professional photographer. You just use these according to your needs. Firstly, you need to know your needs and then use these filters.

14. G’MIC

G’MICG’MIC stands for GREYC’s Magic for Image Computing. It is another one open source and free GIMP plugin which is used for digital image processing. There are more than 500 filters available which helps for editing your photographs. It is a command-line interface that is used for the G’MIC image processing feature. G’MIC can be see as a friendly associates to the GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick software suites. It is a portable that runs on different platforms such as MacOS, Unix and windows. It can process 3d volumetric images and multi-spectral as well as 2D/3D vector images and image sequences.

15. Palette Generator

Palette GeneratorPalette Generator provides a set of colors which helps to apply these colors on your images. You can also pick color from your images, it helps to make your own color. There are maximum 256 colors are available in indexed palette. There are a oil painter which works with colors from a finite number of tubes.

How to Use GIMP Plugins

The way to access every GIMP plugin is not the same. Different GIMP plugins run in different ways.

Some GIMP plugins are shown under the “Filter menu” and some are shown under the “Scripts Fue menu”. And others show through options in the “Image menu” or “Layer menu”.  It is very easy to use.


That’s it! These are the best GIMP plugins of 2022 which you can use to have some advanced features of GIMP. I hope this post will help you to make your editing work easier and better than before. If you liked this post, then share it with your friends to let them know about these amazing GIMP plugins. Also, if you have used any other useful GIMP plugin, then let me know in the comment section below.

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