Easy Video Editing Process to Enhance Recording

Making your first video can be a challenge.
It isn’t easy to know where to begin and which abilities, approaches, and concepts you’ll need to succeed. Learning how to edit video material, on the other hand, doesn’t have to be tough, and you’re certainly not alone!
We’re here to assist you in making it through your first video as how to edit like a pro to enhance the recording.
Let’s get started.Easy Video Editing Process to Enhance Recording

Select the correct software

Choosing the correct software for you and your job is the first step in optimizing your video editing process. They usually include all you need to make conventional video edits, but you could choose one over the others due to its ease of use, digital interface, and functionality. Instead of choosing the latest, most powerful video editing application available, the key is to pick what works best for you and your editing style.

Make use of a powerful machine

In this section, we’re not going to put PCs against MACs. You may opt for any computer brand that enables editing and rendering without getting slow. 

Investing in a speedier storage drive (SSD) will allow you to access your data and applications more quickly, as well as reduce the time it takes to render, load, and export. Other things you can do to cut down on editing time include increasing your computer’s memory (RAM) to at least 8GB if you’re performing professional or commercial work and purchasing the suggested video editing software.

Watch tutorials on video editing 

Tutorials for making amazing video content may be found on YouTube, blogs, and educational websites. Most of the tutorials you’ll discover are free, making them even more accessible. There are numerous courses available in websites like Language Trainers, Upwork, Udemy to mention a few.  Target the software version of the application you’re running while looking for lessons to attain certain appearances and finish specific activities. Several organizations have changed the functionality and menu options from version to version.

Download the project files

Many beginner video editors like to use the same project files as the instructors in a tutorial while following along. Because your work will seem precisely like the example from the demo, you will learn the processes accurately. For this reason, many tutorials offer you to download their project files. You may repeat the procedure with your video files once you’ve gained more skill with a method.

Adhere to the 321 rule

The 321 rule should be followed by video editors using any application, just as woodworkers learn from the start to measure twice and cut once. Keep three copies of everything you make in at least two distinct locations, with one of those copies being the original.

Edit the narrative

Remember your creative goal: to tell a fantastic story, one of the most important takeaways from this post. Go beyond the basics—cutting away unwanted footage and correcting the order of your clips—and edit aesthetically to build the emotions so that you can convey your message. Instead of merely adding many effects to dazzle your visitors, use your practical and technical skills to accomplish this.

Maintain a smooth workflow

To become a more efficient editor, you’ll need to be methodical and organized, even if you have a super-fast computer system and editing software. Organizing your projects and data in folders that you can reuse is one strategy to optimize your workflow. Make a home for your projects, film, audio files, photos, and graphics, and add more subsections and folders as needed.

Another approach to work quickly is to save your film on external hard drives, which will free up more computer RAM. To allow speedier file transfers, we recommend using hard drives linked through USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt.You can use a RAM for editing as it gives more space.

Take advantage of keyboard shortcuts

The editing software allows you to perform edits using various keyboard shortcuts. Feel free to go over the different sets of shortcuts for some of the finest editing software tools to examine, remember, and adapt them. If you have a little extra money to invest, buy an editing keyboard with in-built keyboard shortcuts. 

Trim the video to verify that it is the right length

The format of social media videos differs from that of video-sharing websites. If you post lengthy films on social media, they may not receive as much attention as you would like. As a result, it is great for shortening videos to one minute in length. Aside from that, social networking platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have established a restriction for their video uploads.

You must adjust the duration of the video based on the social media site you are utilizing. When trimming the video for the appropriate social networking site, use a good tool that will not degrade the video’s quality. With a good free video trimmer you can make trimming done easily and with convenience. 

Correct the color of your clips

Color is an important design element that may be used to draw attention to certain themes, elicit various emotions, and define the mood or ambiance. Thankfully, today’s video editing software allows doing a lot of color altering that was previously only feasible with images.

Choose good music

Don’t only concentrate on the images; they should only be as excellent as the music you’ve chosen. It might be challenging if you’re doing it by yourself. But, before you use any music, keep in mind that getting music from a royalty-free music supplier is the safest alternative.

Insert text and graphics

Depending on the type of film, you may need to insert additional text and the title, opening/closing billboards (for broadcasting), and film credits. Generally, you’ll want to keep it basic so that doesn’t draw too much attention. Allow them to dissolve in and out to watch how it affects your film.


Video editing needs both the technical assistance and creativity to give it a human touch. Today, videos are doing wonders as a medium of business and self promotion in social platforms. Hope this guide helps you to record and bring out your first video. 

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