Download MIUI 13 for your Xiaomi Devices

The beta version of the Xiaomi Miui 13 was released around November 2021. However, they’re only given to a handful of users to use and test. And now, finally, Xiaomi released Miui13 in February, and it’s available for all users.Download MIUI 13 for your Xiaomi Devices

Xiaomi is always committed to providing new features and performance upgrades with the new Miui versions. And the Miui 13 isn’t any different. The MiUi 13 comes with new features, widgets, and mostly performance improvements.

So if you’re one of those who are wondering whether to upgrade to Miui 13 or not, you’re at the right place. This article will cover all about MiUi 13, and also, we’ll share the Miui 13 update download link for Xiaomi Smartphones. So keep reading!

MiUI 13 For Xiaomi Phones

Before MiUi 13, the Xiaomi phones were running on Miui12.5. The Miui 12.5 was a superb Ui from Xiaomi with lots of widgets and solid performance. But the Miui 12.5 had some bugs and glitches that really hampered the user experience.

Keeping this in mind, Xiaomi rolled out their new update, which is Miui 13. The Miui 13 is a much more refurbished and smooth UI with improved performance and fewer bugs. 

The main aim of Xiaomi behind releasing MiUi 13 was to provide more efficiency and better performance. And they’ve provided it as users are now more satisfied than ever with their performance and experience. 

Features of MiUi 13

  • Improved File Storage and Management

In Miui 13, Xiaomi has improved the file storage system by speeding up the read and write process. This improved file management and storage system is called Liquid Storage globally. Besides, file management has improved quite a lot.

According to Xiaomi, the data management and storage efficiency has been increased by 60%. Besides, the liquid storage technology is efficient enough to provide 95% of the original read and write speed up to 3 years of service. 

  • Improved Performance and Lesser Bugs

The previous Miui versions were controversial due to bugs and glitches. Although they had additional features, the bugs and glitches of the Miui versions really made users frustrated, and the device was almost unusable.

So in Miui 13, Xiaomi has fixed almost all of these issues. As a result, you can experience a smooth performance with a better UI. On top of that, the Miui 13 has improved performance as well. Now you can multitask and use more apps in the background.

  • Better Ram Optimization

Proper Ram optimization was a big issue in the previous Miui versions. In Miui 13, Xiaomi has used an ultra-fine  Ram management system that has increased the overall efficiency and performance. This latest and improved technology is able to process the memory better and optimize the important tasks over unimportant ones. 

  • Overall Balance

The Xiaomi Miui 13 has a new feature called Smart balance that can help improve your Mi phone’s battery performance and management. Xiaomi claimed that this smart balance feature could improve around 10% battery performance. 

  • New Widgets

Can you imagine MiUi versions without any widgets or extra features? I bet not. Xiaomi has always been a big name for providing users with extra widgets and customization facilities. And the MiUi 13 is no exception. 

The Miui 13 has additional widgets and a sidebar feature that helps you multitask and improve efficiency. You can add up to 10 apps on the sidebar. As a result, this feature allows you to get important apps or functions quickly. 

Is Miui 13 Worth It?

Absolutely! Considering the features and functions that the Miui13 provides, it’s absolutely worth trying out the new android version from Xiaomi. Also, kudos to Xiaomi for fixing the bugs and glitches and providing a smooth Ui to users.

If you’re one of those who like to enjoy extra widgets and features, want to customize your phone, and, on top of that, prefer a smooth performance (we all do), the Miui 13 will be perfect for you. 

If you want to download Miui 13 for Xiaomi smartphones, you’ve to first check from settings whether any update is available or not. Besides, if auto-updating is enabled, your Xiaomi device will automatically update. So now, worries!

How To Use MiUi 13 On Xiaomi Phones?

Generally, your device will send a notification when an update is available. As the Miui 13 has rolled out and it has been only a few days, the latest devices will get the update first.

The old Xiaomi devices typically get the latest updates after a few days or months. 

In case you’re an old Xiaomi phone user and want to use the latest Miui 13 version, we’ve got youcovered!

For using Miui 13 or other versions on your old smartphones (that doesn’t support these updates or didn’t get one), flashing is essential. You’ve to flash your old Xiaomi device and manually install the Miui 13 version.

Flashing your Xiaomi device is easy as there is mi flash tool available. The Mi flash is an excellent software or application that lets you flash or root your Xiaomi device and upgrade or downgrade to any android version of your choice. 


So that’s it on knowing about MiUi 13, and it’s updated. This has truly been a game-changer from Xiaomi. The Miui 13 has literally outplayed other versions and competitors. As you got the Miui 13 update download link for Xiaomi Smartphones, you can now use the Miui 13 on your Xiaomi device.

Also, if the Miui13 is not supported in your phone, use the Mi flash tool and enjoy the new features and widgets of Miui 13.

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