5 Best Free Dictionary Apps for Android of 2023

Are you trying to learn a new language? If yes or even if you are comfortable with a language, there may arise times when you are not aware of a particular word. In that case, a dictionary can surely become your savior. But it’s not possible to carry a dictionary everywhere and there comes the role of technology which always comes with a solution. There are many dictionary apps with several amazing features to make your lives easier.5 Best Free Dictionary Apps for Android of 2023

Free Dictionary Apps for Android

These tools are not just handy but also comes with word games like Scrabble, crosswords, and many such games. If this is exciting to you then here we are going to discuss a few of the dictionary apps that are free and can be helpful to you.

1. Advanced English Dictionary

This is an English to English Dictionary app that comes with more than 800,000 words along with meanings, definitions, and synonyms. But what makes it even more suitable to use is that it also contains examples by using the word in a sentence so that it is even more convenient to understand and remember. And to do all this, you don’t need the internet as you can use it in offline mode. It is loaded with tons of interesting features like English voice translator, word of the day, quiz for the day, 5,000 IELTS words, and many other.

Advanced English Dictionary
Advanced English Dictionary

2. Dict Box

This is another offline free dictionary app that does not need the internet to answer to your question, The app contains more than 50 languages and is even fast and easy to use. Using the camera of your android device, you can easily get the translation of any word and can even listen to the pronunciation of any word. If you’ve typed any word incorrectly, then the app connects to the possible correct word and shows the results for the same. For a better understanding, the app also offers the feature of a picture dictionary.

Dict Box: Universal Dictionary
Dict Box: Universal Dictionary

3. Dictionary

The app comes in both online as well as an offline mode with millions of words along with their meanings and definitions. It uses most of the trusted sources in order to gain their data of meanings and definitions of different words. The app offers translation of English words into more than 40 languages. This free dictionary app contains synonyms, antonyms of words and also contains the meaning of medical terms i.e., medical dictionary. You can also get to listen to the audio translation of words to have a better understanding of their pronunciation as well.


4. Dictionary.com

If you are someone who is looking for an app that can help you learn or improve your English, then this can be the right choice of app for you. The app offers different levels for learners that means if you’ve just started learning then you’ll across easier words and so on. Apart from wordplay and word puzzles to improve your vocabulary the app also focuses on helping you with grammatical tips. You can use the feature of voice search anytime and if the pronunciation is a concern then you can listen to the voice translation as well.

5. English Dictionary

This app is one of the trusted apps when one looks for an English translation dictionary app. It comes with more than 378,000 English words with clear and easy-to-understand definitions. The app also contains the feature of adding bookmarks, managing personal notes, and your search history. If you are using any other app like Instagram, Gmail, Whatsapp, or any reading-related app and you come across a word whose meaning is not clear to you then you can directly share it to the English Dictionary app and get the meaning of that word.

English Dictionary - Offline
English Dictionary - Offline
Developer: Livio
Price: Free


Above discussed apps are some of the best free dictionary apps that come with various interesting features. So, if you are looking to learn a language then you can have any such dictionary app and even if you feel that you’ve mastered a particular language then a word may pop up that you are totally unaware of. So, always having a pocket dictionary that nowadays comes in your android phone is going to harm no one. Go for any of the apps and brush up your command over a language while having fun with entertaining word games.

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