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In this article, we are going to share every single information about the latest Cisco Packet Tracer. If you guys were searching for the best and easiest method for Cisco Packet Tracer Download, then this article can help you. We have made a list of all features and additional info of Packet Tracer.Cisco Packet Tracer

Other than benefits and its features, we have also provided the complete instructions tutorial to download and install the Packet Tracer on a system. All you have to do is to follow the instructions given in this article carefully. So let’s start.

Cisco Packet Tracer Download

Cisco Packet Tracer is designed by Cisco System. And it is a cross-platform visual simulation tool. In other words, you can say it is a Networking Simulation Tool that helps in imitating Modern Computer Networks and creating Network Topologies.


Android Operating System, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Supported Operating Systems

Android (4.2 and later), iOS (8 and later), Microsoft Windows, Mac Operating System.


  • Free of cost. Anyone can use it for free.
  • Cisco Packet is compatible with many platforms like Windows, Linux. And even there is Cisco Packet Tracer Mobile is available for Android devices.
  • It allows you to practice Cisco iOS even without having any network and physical router.
  • Individuals can enjoy all the features that are provided to the Institution.

Download Cisco Packet Tracer

  1. First of all, Click on the Given Link in order to move further in the procedure for the Cisco Packet Tracer Download.
  2. After that, Scroll down and click on the Orange Sign Up Today button.Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2.1
  3. Once done, then you have to register your account by entering your details. And then click on the Create Account Button.
  4. This will send you the activation link to your Email Address that you have entered.
  5. Open the mail and click on the link provided in the mail.
  6. This will activate your account.
  7. After that login to your account. And then you will be able to download the Cisco Packet Tracer on your system.Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2.1

How to Install Cisco Packet Tracer

  1. After downloading the Cisco Packet Tracer with the help of the tutorial given Above, Run the Installer and Install it on your system.
  2. Now you may get a message window showing the message “For Packet Tracer Skill-Based Assessment (PTSBA) to use this version of Packet Tracer, please close all web browsers or restart your computer.”Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2.1
  3. Tap OK and then you will get another message, as shown in the given Screenshot. Again Tap OK.Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2.1
  4. Now you will get the Cisco Networking Login Page. You can either log in with your user ID and Password or you can also continue as a Guest User.
  5. If you want to log in with your account then enter your ID and Password and then click on Log In option. And if you want to continue as a guest then click on the Guest Login option from the bottom right corner. After that confirm the guest login by clicking on Confirm Guest option.
  6. Now you can use the Cisco Packet Tracer as per your requirements.

Packet Tracer Updated Version (7.2.1) Improvements

Here is the list of all the updated and improved features that you are going to enjoy with the latest Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2.1 version.

Improvements in Packet Tracer 7.2.1 Workspace

  • It comes with additional new themes.
  • Align Workspace objects.
  • It can deploy your device to a particular rack.
  • It also comes with the ability to name a rack.
  • Accessibility update.

Improvements in Protocol And Software

  • Version 7.2.1 comes with PPPoE support.
  • You will enjoy the Answer Tree Filter.
  • Improved Protocols.
  • Grading on Real-Time Activity.
  • Real TCP Server.
  • Additional and more secured iOS security Features.
  • Real Web Socket.
  • 802.1x

Newly Added Devices

  • Meraki security appliance
  • ASA 5506-X firewall but this will not support the FirePOWER features.
  • Meraki server.
  • Advanced Wireless Capabilities in Home Router.

Older Versions


1. How do I Install Packet Tracer?

Ans:- If you are a Windows user then you can follow the given Steps.

  • Download the Cisco Packet Tracer on your system.
  • Extract the file.
  • Install it.
  • Run it and use it.

2. How do I download Packet Tracer?

Ans: You can Follow the Steps as mentioned, in order to download Packet Tracer.

  • Click on the Register to get Cisco Packet Tracer.
  • Go to Sign up today option. And select English.
  • Enter details and click Create Account.
  • Use the link, that has been sent to the Email that you have entered.
  • Then click on the Login and Download option.

Free Register

Login And Download

3. What is the use of Cisco Packet Tracer?

Ans: Cisco Packet Tracer is a cross-platform visual simulation tool. In Short, you can say it is a Networking Simulation Tool. It helps in imitating Modern Computer Networks and creating Network Topologies. It is designed by Cisco Team.

4. How do I download Cisco Packet Tracer in Linux?

Ans: Follow the link in order to get Cisco Packet Tracer on your Linux System. You can download the latest Cisco Packet Tracer for Linux.

Final Verdict

Finally, at the end of this article, I hope you get all the answers of your queries related to this topic. And it will help you to download the Cisco Packet Tracer on your system. If you liked the article then it is a request to share it with your friends on your social media platforms.

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