How to Play Android Games on PC


We all know that Android games are getting more and more popular nowadays. With the release of monument valley and clash of clans, people are now looking forward to playing android games on pc. However, these games were designed for the mobile platform and won’t work on your pc as other traditional pc games titles do. The other …

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9 Best Android Messaging Apps 2019


Everyone loves texting, doesn’t it? It’s the most popular way for teenagers to express their voice and communicate worldwide. It’s super quick and efficient method of communication which is booming in the past decade with the introduction of smartphones. But the default app isn’t the best texting app; there are many other best android messaging apps …

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Top 10 Hidden Android Features 2019


Hello guys, today in this article i am going to show you top 10 android hidden features which are impressive. Nowadays lot’s of users using the Android smartphone. So they also want to know more things about their mobile. In an Android smartphone, many of things are normal. But some the other features also available …

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6 Best Camera Apps For Android in 2022


Many mobile phone companies are putting their best efforts to deliver the best quality camera to their users. Hardware now cameras are capable of taking low light images, removing motion blur and manual adjustments. All these features required the support of equivalent, excellent software functioning. Take the example of portrait mode; the hardware was built …

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