How to Bypass Google Account Verification After Reset 2022

Getting stuck on the Verify your account page after you reset your device is quite inconvenient, especially if you don’t remember your Google Account information. To bypass Google account verification after a reset on Android, follow the detailed steps below if you are locked out of your Gmail Google account. With or without a computer, you can bypass the verification process for your Google account. So let’s start finding out what Verify your account or Google account verification is all about!How to Bypass Google Account Verification After Reset

What is Google Verification

Keeping users safe and secure is Google’s top priority. The newly released Android version 5.1 (Lollipop) includes a security feature that prevents phone usage if a Google account is lost or stolen. Using this method will ensure the safety of the phone’s valuable data. If, however, people have forgotten the password to their Google accounts, it might be highly inconvenient. As a result of Factory Reset Protection not being disabled before factory reset, Google lock is triggered. You will end up on the Verify your account page, which says you need to sign in with the Google Account you previously synchronized to this device.

The credentials of the Google account previously associated with the phone need to be entered to regain access. Moreover, if you forgot your Google account and password, you can bypass the FRP lock or the verification process. The purpose of this article is to show you how to bypass Google accounts after a factory reset in this article. Let’s dig in!!

How to bypass Google account verification after Reset without computer

You can find various methods that can teach you to Bypass Google Account Verification After Reset. Well though, your search ends up here. We have shown you the best of the methods that can actually help you and you can even try by yourself to Bypass Google Account Verification After Reset on Android smartphones or tablets, what are we waiting for? Let’s get into it.

Solution 1 – Bypass Google Account Verification After Reset with Google Keyboard

Bypassing Google FRP comes with Limitations.

  1. This method works only on Android version 6 or earlier.
  2. It could get stuck with the Samsung keyboard sometimes.

Please go through the steps given below, you will learn How to bypass Google account verification after reset without a computer.

Step 1. In order to begin, we need to initialize the process and do that. Reset your phone and then connect to a WiFi network after selecting the language.

Step 2. Following this, a screen will appear with the verification interface and the keyboard. Tap the “@” key and hold it until Settings appears, then choose “Google Keyboard Settings”.

Step 3. Tap on the three dots on the top right corner of your screen, and select “Help & feedback”.

Step 4. To use Google Keyboard, select “Using Google Keyboard” in the help section, then tap and hold any text and select “Web search”.

Step 5. Using the search bar, type Settings and go down to the menu to find “About Phone”.

Step 6. You need to enable “Developer options”. Search for “Build number” and tap on it 7 times to do the same.developer-options

Step 7. Click on “OEM Unlocking” under developer options. You will be required to tap on “back” twice.

Step 8. Just restart your device and connect to an internet network. You can just sign up with a new google account and start using your device as usual now.

Solution 2 – How to bypass Google account verification after reset without computer and internet.

Step 1. Dial the number of the SIM card in another phone after inserting a working SIM card into a locked phone.ExDialer

Step 2. By selecting Add new contact on a locked phone, you can save the contact later by answering the call.

Step 3. Tap Save and choose Google to create a new account after writing any string of numbers in the contact form.

Step 4. Restart your device and you can start using your phone like before.

Can We remove FRP lock?

A resounding YES is an answer. The Factory Reset Protection has now been explained to us in a little more detail. After a factory reset, the FRP lock will only be activated if you signed in to your Google account before the factory reset. Before you can disable FRP lock on an Android device, you must remove or delete your Google account. As an alternative, you can use the methods we mentioned above to get past the FRP lock.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Bypass Google Verification.

1. What to do when the keyboard menu doesn’t pop up?

Gboard doesn’t appear on some smartphones or some users fail when trying to use it. It is very likely that you will be able to use the FRP bypass tool here since it works in every scenario.

2. What should we do, when a smartphone doesn’t have a Google keyboard?

There have been reports that the Google keyboard doesn’t appear on some phones. Alternatively, you could try bypassing Google lock with PC software without the Google keyboard. The unlock for Android software allows you to remove the Google account from your Android phone in a few simple steps.

3. Can I unlock Samsung A21 using UnlockGo (Android)?

There is no question that UnlockGo for Android was designed for users who are wondering how to bypass Google account verification on Samsung A21/J7/S8 and various supported models.

Final Words

In order to bypass Google account verification after your Android device has been reset, there are a number of methods you can use. When you read the article in its entirety, you will be able to see that the iToolab UnlockGo (Android) is the best method for bypassing FRP. You can read this article to learn how to do it step-by-step and the steps will help you along the way.

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