Is this the best webcam and screen recording tool out there?

Videos are everywhere today. The world is moving remote and videos will become an integral part of our life. Be it in content consumption or content creation, videos will play a major role in them.Is this the best webcam and screen recording tool out there?

Creating videos on the other hand has not been an easier task. Many Video production tools evolved over the period to solve this and not many have truly solved the issue.

I was on the lookout for an all-in-one solution that can help anyone create, edit and share videos on the go.

Anyone should be able to create videos online without too much of a hassle. No fancy software and no infinite timeline scrolls. Click – record – edit – save – share.

And after a lot of research, I stumbled on one such tool and I wanted to share it with our community.

Say hi to Vmaker.

Vmaker is a product from the company named Animaker that helps in 2D video production. Vmaker on the other side helps you produce live videos where you can record yourself and your screen.

I did manage to get a subscription and test the tool before I wrote this review so that I could cover all the features available and compare it to the other players in the market out there.

I also had a chat with their team to understand the future releases and what we can expect from them over the coming days.

What does Vmaker do

Vmaker is an online screen and webcam recorder – that helps you record your webcam, screen or both in 4K resolution.

It’s available as a Chrome extension and as a mac application. The team did mention that they have a windows app releasing in the future. They are also working on a mobile app version of the same.

The tool comes in with an online dashboard where all your recordings are saved automatically. You can then share your videos as a link or via email.

The tool also hosts an online editor which allows you to adjust volume, upload external videos, trim the recorded video and more. This is subjected to improvements again (more on this at the later part).

The tool offers unlimited storage for all users across plans but their free version comes with an accessibility limit of (latest) 30 videos.

You get the option to customize the player page to suit your brand with respect to colors, logo, favicon and Call To Action button.

List of Vmaker Features

The tool comes packed with features that will help you with the video production process while holding true to the core value of making things easier.

I have listed some of the features in detail below to understand them better.


Is this the best webcam and screen recording tool out there?

The recorder is pretty simple to use and you can customize the area you want to record or select the window you want to record.

Apart from this the DND option is very handy since you don’t want to disclose your notifications while you are recording.

You have unlimited recording time and you have the ability to customize the shortcut keys to start and stop recording.

External Mic and Cam

This is an impressive add on. You can connect any one of your external mic or camera and the tool detects it automatically. You don’t need to install any additional software to enable the same.

I did check with my external cam and mic and it worked perfectly. The best part is even when the app is running and I plugin the external device, the tool detects it immediately.

Here’s something that you have to remember, You cannot change the device once you have started recording.

Preferences Menu

The preference menu is the powerhouse that controls all your app settings. Here’s a quick look at the different options it hosts

  • Hide the recording menu
  • Enable noise control
  • Enable or disable the recording countdown
  • Enable or disable mono in audio

These are the few options that will come in handy when you are recording.


Is this the best webcam and screen recording tool out there?The dashboard is the place where your videos are stored automatically. You can access the dashboard by logging into your account via their website With the unlimited storage option you don’t have to worry about hosting all your 4K recordings.

The dashboard allows you to view the videos, edit them and share them.

You also have the option to organize all your videos by folders. You can also share the folder withyour team.

However, the option of not adding thumbnails makes the dashboard an eyesore when you look at it for the first time. But this is another feature they mentioned that will be live soon.

My Team

Is this the best webcam and screen recording tool out there?Vmaker is a tool that is meant to solve communication among remote teams today. The tool offers you to add your team members to the dashboard to work collaboratively.

The easiest way to mention this will be Vmaker is the Google Drive for videos.

You can add your team members, restrict the access based on their role. There are two options available – add them as admin or add them as a member.

You can collaborate on a video level and on a folder level.


Is this the best webcam and screen recording tool out there?The branding part is fun to play with. This is something that can be most helpful for sales people and educators.

With the custom branding option, you can customize the following

  • Brand color on player page
  • Logo on header
  • Favicon
  • Call to action text
  • Call-to-action link

Two big advantages out of this – you don’t look like a person using a freemium tool; you can make the video listener immediately take action.

For example, if you are sending a sales proposal, you can right away ask the listener to contact you from the video page instead of getting back to the email window.


Is this the best webcam and screen recording tool out there?The Editor feature is the game changer for this tool. Though a lot of tools are offering this feature, the one that comes in with the tool works way faster and does not diminish the output quality.

The editor carries the basic features of Trim, Rotate, Resize, Volume control, Flip and add external video.

You can upload external videos and add them to your existing recording.

Once you are done, just click on export and the rendering starts.

One thing to note is, if you edit a video your original video will be overwritten. So, if you want a rehashed version, make sure you duplicate the video and edit.

Video Player

The player page is clean and simple. Once you remove the Vmaker branding it looks minimal and neat.

You can edit your video title, set expiry for the video share link, duplicate or edit the video from this page.

It also comes in with a share option with which you can upload the video directly to YouTube, embed the video to your website or share it on social media.

You can also download the video to your local system from the player page.

Recording Scheduler

This is a new feature that I haven’t seen in any other tool. The recording scheduler is available only in the mac application.

It enables you to set a time and date to record the screen automatically. You can also do this by inviting the meeting assistant to your attendee list and the meeting will be recorded automatically once you join.

This seems a great feature for people who have scheduled appointments. We have all been there in a webinar till the end only to realize we missed recording it.

Who can use Vmaker

A tool like Vmaker is of use to anyone who loves to record a portion of their screen. Whether it is recording to teach or recording a movie you can use this tool.

Here are some ways Vmaker is being used now (based on their website and online feedback)

Vmaker for Work

If you are a salesperson, or a marketing person or even in customer support you can use Vmaker to record and send your videos. You get to explain your case better compared to sending only a document; you get to walk through the same.

Instead of juggling back and forth to schedule a meeting, you can send a quick recording and share a video which does give you an edge

Vmaker for Education

Education industry has turned online. This tool helps both the parties – the student and the teacher.

As a teacher you can use the tool to record your course content and share it with your wards. The option of 4K recording and inbuilt editor makes it a one stop shop for all your needs and you don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to use it.

As a student, you can use the tool to record all lectures and access them for future reference. Even with the free plan, you can record more videos. The 15GB limit restricts you to access only the last 15GB of recording. You can always upgrade to a paid plan to access your old files.

Vmaker for YouTubers

As a YouTuber who posts a lot of tutorials, this tool is a blessing. It helps me to record my face and then my screen separately and later allows me to merge them via the editor. Yes, I do have the option to record them both together, but if you have external videos to add, there is a window for it. 

If you are a youtuber, who does love minimal set up to shoot and work on your videos then you can give this a shot.

But if you are someone who loves high quality production then this is not for you. This is best suited for YouTubers who stream on gaming, education, tutorials etc.

Final Round Up

I started the content with the statement, I was looking for a tool that will be a video recording tool. There are many tools in the market and Vmaker does stand out from the crowd.

They live to the expectation making it a handy and easy to use tool. Features like advanced editor or the unlimited storage, recording in 4K resolution etc. makes the tool pretty powerful compared to the crew.

The tool has been live only for 6 months and it is highly stable for the time period. The fact that this is from a company like Animaker which has been in the industry for a long time and has over 10M users makes it even more reliable.

They also have a public roadmap which shows the list of features in the pipeline. I am pretty sure once these features are live, this tool will be a market leader competing with giants.

I truly hope they stay with the same features and pricing and don’t revise it in the future.

You can give it a try here

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