5 Best Grocery List Apps For Android & iPhone of 2022

Forgot to buy an item from the groceries list and want this not to happen again, then you’ve come to the right page where we have a solution for you. The solution we are talking about is known as grocery list apps and these apps are the most convenient way to make things easier. For most of the time, they are more convenient than a pen and paper. Some of these apps also contain their own inventory and allows you to order your grocery items to get them at your doors steps.

Best Grocery List Apps

Best Grocery List Apps There are several grocery list apps available in the market, but not all of them delivers the best features and benefits. So, In order to save your time, we’ve featured the list of the best grocery list apps as follows:

1. OurGroceries

5 Best Grocery List Apps For Android & iPhone of 2022OurGroceries is the best grocery list app which you can use to create multiple grocery lists. Creating a grocery list is simple & easy, that’s why it is one of our top choices. You can create the grocery list by just entering the item name or just scan the barcode of the product. The best part is that it always remember the items added to their dashboard, which makes it easier for you to create future grocery lists. In simple words, OurGroceries is an excellent application to keep track of your grocery items.

Our Groceries Shopping List
Our Groceries Shopping List

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2. Genius Kitchen

5 Best Grocery List Apps For Android & iPhone of 2022The Genius Kitchen is another best shopping list app that contains the most comprehensive recipes for their users along with the grocery items. The interface is simple, clean, and attractive. Creating a list on this platform is so easy that even a casual person can do this. You can create a grocery list that contains all the ingredients you want. Moreover, this platform also allows you to compare the prices of the items available at your nearest grocery stores. You can also share the food recipes and your grocery list with others.

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3. Grocery IQ

5 Best Grocery List Apps For Android & iPhone of 2022Grocery IQ is an excellent platform that shows the grocery list using the big database of their millions of products. You can create and customize the grocery list with ease and there is no need to be tech-savvy. With the help of Grocery IQ, you can keep track of your grocery items and also filter your lists using the advanced options available there. There are two ways to add items to your list. The first one is to scan the barcode of a product using your camera and the other one is using the voice search to add items.

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4. Shopkick

5 Best Grocery List Apps For Android & iPhone of 2022Are you a saving-savvy? If yes, then the Shopkick shopping list app will be the best option for you because it rewards its users with gift cards to shop through their platform. It features a basic grocery list, but delivers everything you need. The grocery list creation is easy and quick that you just have to add items and Shopkick will do the rest for you. Through this app, you can also earn cashback for the items you purchase via their platform. In order to get the rewards, you just have to visit your nearest grocery store and scan the barcode of the desired product.

shopkick - Gutscheine & Deals
shopkick - Gutscheine & Deals
Developer: Shopkick
Price: To be announced

5. Reminders

5 Best Grocery List Apps For Android & iPhone of 2022Need to be reminded of an important task or to stop by the grocery store after leaving your office? If yes, then let Reminders do that for you. Through Reminder, you can alert yourself whenever you have an important task. Creating a grocery list is simple and quick that you just have to open the app, click on the + icon and set a name for your list. After setting up the list’s name, all you have to do is just fire up the Siri and speak the items you want to add to your cart.

To Do Reminder with Alarm
To Do Reminder with Alarm
Developer: App Innovation
Price: Free+

Apple users can use default reminder app.


That’s it! Above is the list of best grocery list apps which you can use to keep track of your shopping reminders. Having a grocery list app on your device will help you to buy grocery items on a good deal with more savings. So, what are you waiting for? Just try these applications and save time on your next shopping. Also, what is your opinion regarding these grocery item applications? Do you have any problems regarding this post? Let us know in the comment section below.

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