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The weekend is coming up! How about spending your time watching your favorite series on NETFLIX? Or if you want to know new popular and trendy series like Derry Girls or GLOW, just google your list straight away. best-vpn

But wait, how will you watch it? You don’t have a Netflix subscription. Asking a friend to share can be a real pain for the weekend. Why not try free Netflix VPN to jump on the gossip of dapper series with your friends?

Plan all your starry moments on Netflix with us. Let’s save you till Monday and give you a whole list of free VPNs. You can select any VPN service from the following: 

  • ExpressVPN

When talking about free VPNs, you first require free trials. And how long that free trial lasts. You can enjoy non-stop streaming with ExpressVPN with a 30-days free trial without any extra charges. It’s hard to find VPNs with secure services and complete data leak protection. 

That’s where ExpressVPN could be your option, as it provides your network with data safety and does not log your activities. It uses secure and up-to-date encryption algorithms. You can add up to 5 devices without any restriction.

It unlocks 10+ Netflix libraries for you. Did you just sign up for it? If not, hurry up as it runs at high speed and has 5-Star ratings given by the users. 

  • ProtonVPN

Blow your mind with ProtonVPN, as it has an easy 30-days free trial with unlimited data limits. And no one can stop you from binge-watch on Netflix with high-speed playback across 17 servers. You can download the app both on desktop and mobile phones. 

Users have given an average rating to ProtonVPN, which provides handshake encryption over the network, but you can use it on a single device at a time. It gives you access only to Netflix’s original series. You are all set to unblock the Netflix content of any region you like. 

  • CyberGhost

Suppose you want specific servers that are highly optimized to unblock 15+ Netflix libraries and open up many options for you. For extensive network coverage, use 90 country locations on CyberGhost and access the restricted content. 

It has breakneck speed over the network and serves you in less than 30 seconds. Your date with Netflix is going to be more exciting with unlimited high-speed streaming having no interruptions. 

CyberGhost lets you add seven ghosts(your friends) simultaneously. Maybe you should plan a group movie night. It provides a 45-days of trial and a money-back guarantee on premium plans. Set your binge-watch routine right away. It usually costs $12.99 USD per month. However, you can use a CyberGhost coupon and get great discounts.

  • HotSpot Shield

A unique VPN service provider where you don’t have to log in with your email address. It has the fastest long-distance server connections as compared to any other VPN. You will not get any slowdown or delay while streaming. 

It tries to give you a wholesome watching experience with only a 500MB data limit a day. You can try to finish an episode and keep up with the suspense. Another least thing you will get is a 7-days free trial after signing up. 

  • PrivateVPN

It is getting down to cheaper options available in the market. You can open at least 14 Netflix libraries, including US Netflix content. It’s not a 100% free VPN service provider and offers only a 5-day free trial.

The trial period is shorter than any other VPN service, but it does not ask for payment details while signing up. No amount will be deducted from your account even if you forget to turn it off before expiration.  

It has a small server network and connects you with 200 servers only. PrivateVPN works at an impressive speed and has unreliable speed over long-distance networks. 

Various options are available in the list ranging from highly useful to average VPN providers. Consider that there are limitations to free services. Before proceeding, read the points below to have usage of free VPNs.

Tips for Choosing the Best Netflix VPN

There are several things to look for in a free NetflixVPN that you can count on. To compile the list of free VPNs you can use for Netflix, look at the following criteria :

  • Genuinely Free

A free VPN doesn’t require you to sign up for a long-term contract. All the VPNs on the list are either absolutely free or offered with a money-back guarantee that has been thoroughly tested.

  • Access Check

Has access to US Netflix: US Netflix has the most extensive collections. All the above VPNs have been thoroughly tested to verify if their US servers reliably unblock American Netflix.

  • Fast speeds and enough bandwidth

The free VPN app should have decent speeds and enough data to enjoy Netflix without annoying slowdowns if you want to watch your favorite shows without buffering.

  • Run-on multiple devices 

The ability to work with a variety of devices. Make sure that the VPN you choose is accessible well with devices you intend to watch Netflix. 

There are a few drawbacks to the free VPNs, including that they all work well with Netflix. Despite Netflix’s geoblocks, they are powerful enough to evade them frequently and stream safely at the same time. However, because of data restrictions and limited server networks, you won’t be able to view episodes for long periods.

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