Be A Better Pet Parent with These 9 Android Apps

Be A Better Pet Parent with These 9 Android Apps
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We go all out for our beloved pets. We spend big bucks buying their necessities, take them to the vet, and keep them groomed and happy at all times. But do you know there are Android apps that make your pet-parenting duties easier? We have summed 9 of them for you.


This app has three different versions: pet owners, groomers, and animal shelters. You can choose the Pet Care version for families with pets. 11pets: Pet Care helps you keep track of your pets’ data. Keep pet’s medical history, expenses, hygiene care, weight, vaccination schedule, and many, many more in this awesome app.  

It allows you to share your data with the vet when needed and synchronize your pet’s schedule to your calendar. Don’t even worry about the chance of losing all the information, 11pets keeps everything in the cloud storage connected to your account. It’s free to use and ready to download on your Android phone.

Pet First Aid

When emergencies happen, googling things might take up too much time. You might even lose precious minutes to rescue your pets from a critical hazard. The Pet First Aid app is one-stop access to life-saving information for pet owners released by American Red Cross. It covers a wide range of first aid knowledge for pets, such as pet CPR, how to help pets from choking, bleeding, inhaling smoke, and many more. 

Besides first aid instructions, the Pet First Aid app also provides several other information such as nearby vet numbers and hospitals and early warning sign checkers as a preventive measure. In addition, you can set up vet appointments with this app. Another great thing is that this app also works offline, so you don’t need to worry when you get no service during emergencies.


Do you ever wish that your dog could have a phone, so you would know where they are when they’re not home? This app is the answer for that. Whistle is an app that connects with a GPS-equipped dog collar. It will notify you as soon as your dog leaves your place.

The collar does more than just track where your dog goes. You can get other information like body temperature, caloric burn, weight, and pulse. It summarizes your dog’s energy level weekly and lets you set health goals to keep your dog in shape. Whistle app is free to download; although the collar comes at a monthly subscription cost, it’s pretty much worth it.


Some dogs don’t respond well to commands and need proper training. Yet dog trainers can drain your wallet big time. Dogo app to the rescue! Train your own doggo by following step-by-step instructions of more than 100 commands in this app. They offer a wide range of training that you can try out, from basic obedience to impulse control.

Dogo asks for your dog information when you register and tailors its training syllabus according to your dog’s needs. Then after completing each lesson, you can send a video to an in-app certified dog trainer to get constructive feedback. Dogo also includes a built-in clicker so you can give dog treats when they succeed. Dogo requires a monthly or yearly subscription, but you can share one subscription with another user.

Be A Better Pet Parent with These 9 Android Apps


People who travel with their dogs know the hardship of finding dog-friendly places. Unfortunately, many times, travelling with pets limits the options of attractions, restaurants, and hotels to choose from. If you’re one of them, BringFido can be your lifesaver. This app will help you locate pet-friendly spots from your smartphone, so you don’t have to come and ask them one by one.

BringFido comes with filters so you can sort places based on distance, ratings, price range, and personal recommendations. You can also find places your pets might need during the trip, such as vets, groomers, and pet stores. Let other users know about your experience by leaving reviews on the app. Travel stress-free with your lovely pets with BringFido!


There are tons of apps for online shopping. But wouldn’t it be great if getting your pet’s needs is just a tap away? Introducing: Chewy. It’s a one-stop shopping app for everything your pets need. Chewy offers more than 1000 brands of dog and cat food, grooming products, toys, accessories, and any other pet’s necessities.

Chewy provides its users with 24/7 pet expert assistance for consultation if needed. You can also fill in your pet’s information on the profile to get better product recommendations. If you forget things often—including restocking pet supplies—Chewy has an automated shipping feature to deliver your pets on an appointed schedule. Your pets will beg you to download this app if they can talk.


This app connects people who are in need of dog walkers and people who want to walk other people’s dogs. Not just walkers, Rover also provides the service of pet sitters and boarders in more than 10,000 cities. Choose a sitter near you according to your preferred availability and price range. Once you get a deal, the dog can either stay in your or the sitter’s place.

It may sound a bit daunting to leave your beloved pet with a stranger. To prevent unwanted incidents, Rover shows special badges on sitter profiles who have taken a thorough background check. You can also check the review left by previous customers in the app.

Be A Better Pet Parent with These 9 Android Apps


Petamiko has numerous interesting features. Its scheduling feature lets you set up vet visits, grooming sessions, vaccinations, meals, etc. The app also acts as a dating app for pets, where you can find suitable matches for your pets. You can directly chat with the other pet owner to discuss things further.

Sometimes life gets in the way, and you might have to let go of your pets. You can do that on Petamiko—set up your pet profile and chat with potential adopters. This also applies the other way around: you can adopt pets straight from their owner. Other than that, you can interact with other Petamiko users with the community feature.

Friskies Cat Fishing

You’re working at home with your computer, trying to focus, yet your cat keeps sitting on the keyboard. While their cuteness is irresistible, don’t let yourself be distracted! Instead, keep your feline friend busy with the Friskies Cat Fishing app. Install it on your phone, tap start, and hand it over. Your cat will enjoy it for hours.

The game gradually gets more difficult as your cat catches more fish in the game. Remember that a cat’s nails may harm the screen, so make sure it’s protected, preferably with tempered glass. Nevertheless, this simple app will keep you both entertained and happy!

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