Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled | Solved

Sometimes, Apple disables your Apple ID if it thinks that your Apple ID may be hacked or compromised. That’s a good feature that helps you to protect your private data, but sometimes it may be bad if you are uninformed of that problem. Consequently, You see some error messages on the Screen “Your Apple ID disabled” and the only drawback is that you can not even update your Apps. So, it’s a serious issue that needs to be solved in order to get back the access to Apple Products. But before solving the problem, you should know that why this problem happened to you?

Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled | Solved

Why the Apple ID Disabled Error Occurs?

Apple may disable your Apple ID for various reasons, but all of them are tied to only one purpose, that is to keep you secure. When the Apple ID is disabled, there may be various messages you see on the screen depending on where you are trying to log in and which software you are using on your iPhone. Some most common errors which occur when the Apple ID is disabled are:

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  • The Apple ID is disabled for some security reasons.
  • You can’t log in because your Apple ID got disabled due to some security reasons.
  • The Apple ID has been disabled due to some security reasons.

In the above cases, the message you see on the screen that your Apple ID is disabled might be caused due to some security reasons. The most common security reasons that may be an issue are:

  • Someone tried to log in using your Apple ID too many times.
  • Someone entered the security questions incorrectly too many times.
  • Some Apple Information was entered incorrectly too many times.
  • Another type of suspicious activity.

The above are the most common reasons that get your Apple ID blocked. So, Now it’s time to know how to fix the problem when your Apple ID got disabled. Below are the best solutions to solve the issue.

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1. Fix the Problem using the Apple Website

Just Open your Computer and Visit to because it is very easier to type the passwords using a keyboard. When you visit the website, just follow the below steps to solve the problem:-

  1. Click on Manage your Apple ID and enter your Apple ID and Password.Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled | Solved
  2. Now, just click on sign in and if you entered the password correctly, then you will be able to reset your password or to update your security questions.Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled | Solved
  3. On the Other hand, If you don’t know the password, then just click on “Forget Password” button to Reset the Password. After that, just log in into your account to update the security questions.
  4. If this method doesn’t work for you, then don’t worry just shift to the next method to solve the issue.

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2. Contact the Apple Support to Solve the Issue

Receiving the error too many times means that your Apple ID is under investigation for some security purposes. So, In that case, you have to contact and talk with the Apple Support Team directly to resolve the issue. But, keep in mind that solving this issue may take several days, so prepare for the patients. So, before proceeding, you just need to find your country’s Apple Customer Care Number to call and talk with the appropriate Apple Service Team Member. After that, here are the steps you need to follow in order to fix the problem:-

  1. Just Go to the Apple Support from any Computer.
  2. From the Product menu, just choose the Apple ID.Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled | Solved
  3. Now, Just Click “Disabled Apple ID” option.Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled | Solved
  4. When you see the notification that “How would you like to get help”?, Then just click on call apple support later option.Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled | Solved
  5. After that, Just enter your name, email id, Apple ID and click continue.Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled | Solved

When you talk to the Apple Support Team, you just need to answer the security questions to prove your identity and then the Apple Support will submit the ticket to iTunes to solve the issue.


That’s it! These are the best solutions to use When your Apple ID got disabled. I hope this post helped you to get your Apple ID back. So, If it worked for you, then just share it with your friends and family if they are facing the same problem. At Last, if you have any doubts or suggestions for us, then feel free to connect with us through the comment box.

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