6 Windows Features Necessary For Every Student

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In today’s world, students depend a lot on the tools they use. We have long got used to relying on technology in education. However, even now, there are still plenty of questions and concerns regarding what tools are the best for students. To be more specific, the biggest question is what OS to use.

6 Windows Features Necessary For Every Student
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Having several options to choose from, it can be rather hard for students to make up their minds. In order to make the best choice, it is crucial to consider the features that every operating system can offer you. In this article, you will learn about the top six Windows features that are absolute must-haves for students.

1. Word

We all know that a huge part of a student’s life is taken by all sorts of written assignments. Young people are dealing with dozens of academic papers every semester. It often gets too stressful, making students think, “I need Essaypro to write my paper for me” and seek writing help online. But, even with professional help, they still need to complete many assignments themselves. And that’s where Word comes in handy.

Word is one of the default programs offered by Windows to its users and, though it has many analogs today, it is still considered one of the best tools for students for creating and managing text files. Unlike Mac OS’s Pages, Word is very intuitive and feature-rich.

This software makes typing papers and other assignments simple and stress-free. It also comes with many formatting features. It is definitely a tool that every student needs, and Windows makes it accessible to everyone.

2. Extensive Library of Apps

An extensive application library is another feature that makes Windows better than any other operating system, especially for students. In fact, this OS is known to have the largest base of applications.

What does this mean for users? Simply put, its large base of applications makes this OS good for all purposes. Whatever tools you may need for your studies, work, leisure, or any other needs – Windows already has it.

Using this operating system, students get access to millions of applications designed for both amateur and professional users. Thus, everyone will find everything they need.

3. Free Applications

We’ve already mentioned a huge base of apps available to Windows users. But, there is more! Apart from having the largest application library, this OS is also known for having the largest number of free apps. And this is another feature that all students should find vital for their success.

Unlike, for example, Mac OS, Windows enables you to find the right tools for your studies without having to pay for them. Needless to say, how important it is for young people living on a tight budget.

6 Windows Features Necessary For Every Student
source: https://unsplash.com/photos/i5UV2HpITYA

4. Task Manager

Spending hours on end on your computer, sooner or later you will face freezes and crashes of your applications. That’s pretty natural. However, it can still feel rather disappointing to have an app crash in the middle of your study session. And, what can feel even more daunting is the need to close, reload, and otherwise fix a broken application manually. But Windows has a solution for that!

This OS features a very convenient Task Manager that can be opened with the following shortcut – Ctrl +Shift + Esc. It enables users to see how every process or tool loads their systems and instantly close apps that are frozen or crushed. This trick can really come in handy during your work with a computer. Thus, it deserves to be called one of those features that every student needs.

5. Shortcuts

During their study sessions, students are constantly looking for opportunities to simplify their tasks and save time. Windows offers plenty of opportunities for that, one of which is its wide base of handy keyboard shortcuts.

In your daily routines, there are plenty of tiny actions that you perform most often. These can include selecting all, copying and pasting, undoing actions, etc. Shortcuts enable you to perform these tasks instantly, without wasting much time. So, be sure to study what shortcuts are available and learn them in order to save your precious time.

6. Hibernate Option

Finally, the last Windows feature every student will find helpful is the Hibernate option. We bet that many of you enjoy taking short breaks during your study sessions. When this happens, you may want to get away from your computer and distract yourself. But, shutting down your PC completely can cause too much pain because if you do so, you will have to start everything from scratch when you get back to work.

That’s exactly when the Hibernate option should be used. This feature enables you to shut down your computer without losing progress. With this option, the system will save all session data and automatically download it the next time you turn on your PC. As a result, you will have all your apps open and will be able to start working straight away.

To have the Hibernate Option in your computer’s shutdown menu, click the Start button and go to the Power & Sleep additional settings. In the new tab, do the following:

  • Click the “Choose what the power buttons do” option;
  • Click the “Change settings that are currently unavailable” button;
  • Find the Hibernate box and check it;
  • Save changes.

After you take all the above-mentioned steps, you will have the Hibernate option in your Start menu.

The Bottom Line

Designed in 1985, Windows has been around for quite a while and still didn’t lose its popularity. To this time, this operating system has 1.5 billion active users, and there are quite a few reasons for that.

As you now know, Windows is packed with many great features, some of which are absolutely necessary for students. If you are already using this OS, hopefully, this article helped you discover some new tricks that will make your user experience even better. And, if you are still hesitating which OS to choose, now, you can clearly see the benefits of choosing Windows.

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