6 Mistakes Newbie Instagram Influencers Tend to Commit

The Instagram influencer market is growing rapidly as several brands are achieving their awareness and visibility goals with the help of the platform and influencers on it  However, as more people work towards becoming influencers, wrong ways of building a social brand increase. And as a potential influencer, it is important that you gain new followers on Instagram organically and adhere to its structure if you want to be in high demand for a long time. 6 Mistakes Newbie Instagram Influencers Tend to Commit

Becoming an influencer on Instagram isn’t an easy task, it comes with its own risks and sacrifices. As a newbie, to avoid losing your page or ruining your career as an influencer, there are several acts you shouldn’t engage in.

Here are 6 common, yet avoidable, mistakes newbie Instagram influencers often make. 

1. Collaborating With Any Brand That Sends an Offer

Every influencer has a niche. It is how they build their community of loyal followers that patronize the brand they collaborate with and engage with their content. 

As a newbie, you must know that the followers you gain are people interested in the type of content you put out. Once you start to show inconsistency by working with just any brand, you begin to lose followers. Your lack of consistency will also make it difficult to build your credibility and gain loyal followers.

So, be sure to do proper research on the brand before you work with them. Check to see if their niche and value align with yours before accepting any offer.

2. Uploading Low-Quality or Repetitive Content

Low-quality content doesn’t grab the positive attention you need to build your social brand. Your audience wants to see content that is absolutely pleasing, to say the least. So, invest in good equipment and edit your content nicely before you post them.

Also, make every uploaded content unique and more creative than the last. Your followers will get bored easily when you post the same type of content frequently. Repetitive content is a sign that you’re not putting in enough effort and could cause you to lose followers and future deals.

3. Going Against FTC Guidelines

The Federal Trade Commission oversees all market practices to protect consumers from deception. As an influencer, you’re mandated to identify when your content is an Ad. Not highlighting that your content is an Ad is unprofessional and could be misleading to your followers.

It could also cost you your account and attract other legal charges when you don’t adhere to this guideline. So, ensure that you at least include “#Ad” in your caption.

4. Poor Hashtags 

Hashtags help align your content with the algorithm of your target audience. With the wrong hashtags, your content could get to the wrong community and reduce the likeliness of you getting any engagement. Carefully research and select your hashtags before using them.

5. No Captions or Poorly Written Captions

The wrong caption could also take away the context of your uploaded content. Without a well-written caption, your audience will not be able to grasp the story behind your content, and this will reduce their interest in engaging with your content.

5. Not Replying to Comments

Followers love influencers that respond to their comments. Replying to comments is a good way to retain your followers and build a relationship with them. You will increase the engagement on your page every time you reply to comments on your page.

However, you have to reply positively always, regardless of the type of comment you get. Respond professionally and address the concerns of your audience in the comment section, or go live if the situation demands.


Being an Instagram influencer gets easier when you get to know the basics. Try to see your content and actions from the brand’s and audience’s point of view, and you’ll become a super influencer in no time.

Jitender Singh

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