5 Ways Music Affects Your Life For The Better

Have you ever noted that there’s a way the world gathers around music?  That music is a common language for all and sundry? That’s true and there’s a reason why this is so.5 Ways Music Affects Your Life For The Better

Music is a universal language that affects us in so many powerful ways and no matter who you are or where you are, you’ll always find yourself either nodding your head, tapping your feet or flowing with the current and singing along. 

The beats and the lyrics come out well if you have the best music system triggering smiles or even tears when certain songs are played. 

While music can affect you for the better, it is also true that it can have a negative effect especially when painful memories are triggered by the same. Well, that’s a story for another day but for now, let’s look at 5 ways music affects your life for the better…

  • Helps you relax

This might sound obvious, right? True, listening to your favorite music genre is a good way to relax your mind and body especially after a strenuous time or day. 

Some different types of music are specifically ideal when you want to unwind and let off the pressure and classical is such a good example for this kind of a situation. When you want to relax best, consider skipping high energy types of music such as jazz and pop and you’ll feel the effects.

  • Music helps enhance performance

You read right… music really does help increase performance, especially the vibrant kind. There’s a genre of angry music that is capable of arousing angry emotions when you listen to it and this has been found to help increase performance. 

While anger might be viewed as a negative thing, research has shown that it can be put to positive use thus helping increase persistence, focus and optimistic to achieve your goals.  Fast paced music also helps increase performance as can be witnessed in gyms and video games.

  • Music helps promote your health

Sounds farfetched, right? Well, believe what you just read. Music can help you stay healthier especially because it triggers the release of “pleasure chemical” commonly known as dopamine. 

Listening to music cheers up your heart and a healthy heart is definitely good for your overall well being. In fact, you’ll find that cool, soothing music helps even a sad heart turn bubbly and lightens up a dull mind. 

  • Listening to music can help relieve pain 

Listening to your favorite songs can help reduce pain and anxiety. As you listen to your favorite music, it helps increase tolerance significantly as well as apparent control over painful stimulation. 

This can be achieved by both watching and listening to music as it helps distract and silence the painful conditions as you focus on the music. 

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  • Listening to music helps improve memory

Music has those beautiful repetitive aspects of melody and rhythm which helps form a certain pattern in the brain and this enhances retention of information. 

Somehow, the songs we heard in our childhood were stored somewhere in our subconscious and every now and then they replay even without a trigger. Music has been used to reinvigorate memory even in medical field as it also helps lessen confusion and improve focused attention. This is true for both adults and kids.


Of course these benefits can only be true if you listen to music under the right conditions. Speakers that sound as though they are torn or out of sync won’t make music enjoyable. It’s good to invest in a good sound system and this doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot. One of these sub-$200 soundbars could help make a difference when it comes to sound output and as such worth considering.

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